13 Perks For Being Known As An Expert Booklet Author

Writing and publishing a booklet makes you an expert on your booklet’s topic in the eyes of your audience.  This expert status offers you several advantages.  Here are 13 perks to being known as an expert.

1) People will buy from you again and again. When they know you’re the expert and your information is good, your audience will want to purchase more from you.

2) Your audience will recommend your booklet to other people they know. People never hesitate to recommend a product from someone they feel is an expert.

3) You will get invitations to speak on your topic. Speaking is a great way to get the word out about your booklet(s) and other products, and it reinforces your expert status.

4) You will have fans who will stick with you for many years, or even for life. Look at some of the television gurus who have come and gone over the years.  Many are no longer visible in the public eye, but they still have a following of devotees who continue to buy from them.

5) Your expert status helps establish your personal brand, which reinforces your expert status and places you above your competitors in the mind of your audience.

6) You will be an expert in the eyes of other experts. This is a true advantage when you want to do some type of co-venture with another expert whose expertise doesn’t directly compete with your own.

7) Your expert status can get you into places you could never get into without it, usually places that are related to your topic because you are known within that industry.

8) Television and radio interviews are offered to experts only. That means you!

9) Knowing you’re an expert will give you more confidence. When you know your stuff and you know you’re good, it will show in your work, your attitude, and ultimately, your sales!

10) Your competitors can no longer compete with you on the same level. They will have to rethink their strategy and revise their game plan.  Who can compete with Donald Trump or Oprah?  Who can compete with Starbucks?  Sure, there are other real estate developers, talk show hosts and coffee bars, but they just aren’t the same.  When your audience wants the best, they’ll come to you!

11) Being known as an expert can lead to opportunities you otherwise never would have had. This might be promotional opportunities for your business or products, or it might be personal opportunities, or both.

12) Experts often become celebrities within their market and in the eyes of their audience. Celebrity status gives you a whole other set of perks, in addition to the ones you already have.  One of the main perks of being a celebrity is having access to other celebrities.  This helps your promotions!

13) Experts have much larger bank accounts than non-experts do. Enough said!

To your riches!


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