Booklets Present A Rich Opportunity For Authors

Have you heard about writing a booklet but you aren’t sure just how to go about it or who would buy it?  Does the booklet industry seem foreign or even a little strange to you?  You’re not alone.  Most wanna be authors don’t realize that this opportunity exists, and once they do they don’t understand how they can make money with it.

Booklets Are Nothing New

Booklets and small publications are nothing new.  They have been around for centuries.  You have probably received quite a few in your lifetime without realizing it.

Just like books, there are booklets created for just about every subject you can imagine, and in nearly every genre – including fiction.  There are recipe booklets, weight loss booklets, booklets about childbirth and childcare, booklets about staying young and growing old, and everything in between.  There’s no end to the subjects on which you might create a booklet.

Why Write A Booklet Instead Of A Book?

Most writers believe they must write a full length book in order to achieve success as an author.  But, this simply isn’t true.  Booklet authors are just as successful, if not more so, than authors of books.

Writing a booklet takes far less time than writing a book. It might take you a year to write your book manuscript, and possibly even much longer.  But, you can have your booklet manuscript completed in as little as 24 hours if you’re really dedicated to it.

Also, booklets cost far less to produce than books do. When you’re self publishing, it can be difficult to come up with the money needed to produce a full length manuscript into a salable book.  It’s far less taxing on the wallet to produce a smaller publication.

Another huge plus of writing a booklet is that you can actually make more money from a booklet than you can with a book. How?  First, because you can take each chapter of your would-be book, and turn them into a booklet.  If you have ten chapters, and your book would sell for $20.00, and you sell each of your booklets for just $5.00, those ten chapters will now sell for $50.00 instead of only $20.00.

Second, you can make bulk sales of booklets easier than you can with books. With all the cost cutting that companies are doing today, it’s much easier to get them to buy a smaller publication than a full length book.  Their cost is minimal in comparison, and yet they still have the advantage of giving their employees or customers much needed or desired information.

Can You Really Make Any Money With Booklets?

Although most authors aren’t aware of the booklet opportunity, it is a lucrative one.  You can sell your booklet to individuals, or you can sell in bulk to large companies and organizations.  You can even sell to both.

The key to making sales is knowing what your particular market is hungry for. When you create a booklet, you should already know who your audience is before you ever write a word.  That audience may be who will buy your booklet, or your buyer may be someone who serves that audience.

Why will they buy your booklet?  In the case of the individual, they’ll buy it because they desire the information – simple as that.  Bulk buyers reasons for purchasing your booklet are much more complex, but it really comes down to what they feel they will gain by purchasing your booklet. They may be looking to reward their customers for making a purchase or signing up for an account, or they may want to use your booklet to train their employees.  They might be looking for something to hand out at trade shows that people won’t throw away, or they might want to send your booklet out at holiday time to thank their customers for their patronage all year long.

The booklet industry is a well kept secret.   But, now you know about this rich opportunity.  The only question remaining is – will you take advantage of it?

To your riches!


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