Why Having Your Booklet Previewed Is Important To Your Riches

You’ve finished your manuscript.  Now, how can you make sure it’s a winner?  Aside from producing it as professionally as possible, you need someone from within your industry or who is knowledgeable about your topic to preview it.

Who Should Preview Your Booklet?

Finding the right person to preview your booklet might sound like a difficult task, but it really isn’t.  In fact, they don’t have to be directly involved with your topic, although if they are that certainly won’t hurt.  They just need to have some knowledge of it, preferably on a professional level.

For example, my own booklets are about living a gluten and dairy free lifestyle.  When I asked someone to preview the booklets, I didn’t ask people who were already living a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, although this would have been an option to consider.  But, I chose to have an executive at a small company that manufactures gluten free products review it, and his input was very valuable to me.

Why You Need Constructive Criticism

One thing you want to consider when having someone preview your booklet is the kind of criticism they will give you.  You want constructive criticism that will help you improve your booklet. When you receive comments about your booklet from the person who is previewing it, you should ask yourself if those comments help you to make improvements.  If they don’t, you need to find another person to preview the booklet.  Not everyone is good at giving constructive criticism.

The More The Merrier

If you possibly can, it is a very good idea to allow more than one person to preview your booklet – up to as many as ten people.  This gives you many different comments from which to draw conclusions about what might need to be changed in your booklet.  Also, having more than one previewer will give you insight that you otherwise would not receive if you only had one person previewing your booklet – such as when several previewers have the same comment about some aspect of your booklet.  If several previewers don’t like something, chances are your market won’t either.

Whether you choose to use professionals within your industry or you choose to use those who would actually receive the booklet or buy it, having your booklet previewed before it hits the market will save your credibility and help you to be professional. The comments you receive – both good and critical – will help you improve your booklet so that it will sell.

To your riches!


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