How To Get Your Market To Snap Up Your Booklets Like Hotcakes

Do you value your writing?  Do you believe your booklet is or will be of value to someone?  Knowing your work has value is an important step in your getting from an idea to the actual sales of your booklet.  But, there is something that is even more important than what you think about your booklet, and that is what your market thinks of it.

Is Your Booklet Too Personal?

It doesn’t matter how good you think your booklet is, if your market doesn’t think it’s good or doesn’t believe it’s for them, your booklet won’t sell. If you’re writing about a passion you have, and you’re writing about it from a very personal perspective, you may not be able to reach your target audience.

Everyone has their own unique perspective of any given situation or circumstance.  But, we also share some similarities within a given situation or circumstance.

For example, consider two brides preparing for their wedding day.  Each will have unique circumstances regarding what they want and can afford for their wedding, who will attend, the date, time and place for the ceremony, etc.

If you were going to write a booklet about creating the perfect wedding, and you wrote the booklet about your own experience, it might be difficult for your audience to relate.

Make It About Them

Now let’s take our example above and rewrite it from a wider perspective.  Instead of writing about your own experience, you might write that booklet based on your experience, but with alot more wiggle room.

In other words, your bookelt isn’t so tightly written that it’s only about your own narrow perspective.  It leaves room for your audience to come up with ideas of their own and glean something from your writing that’s personal to them.

Your booklet shouldn’t be about your perfect wedding or even your idea of what that should be.  Your booklet should help the bride come up with her own idea of what the perfect wedding is for her. You should give her plenty of food for thought and ideas, perhaps a page or two for writing those thoughts and ideas, maybe some budgeting tips, and ideas for romantic places for having the wedding and/or honeymoon.

The Sad Truth

The wedding booklet example above is an extreme example, but it illustrates the point.  When you create a booklet it should be all about your audience – their needs and wants, not yours.  You may have some wonderful insight regarding your topic, but you must be careful to tailor it to your market rather than writing solely from your own perspective.

That isn’t to say your perspective won’t color your writing.  It will and it should.  You just don’t want it to be so strong that nobody can relate to it.  Nobody cares about your writing more than you do, and the sad truth is that people won’t buy your booklet because it’s good. People will buy your booklet because it’s about them in some way.

Consider the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.  The stories are a work of fiction, and the circumstances were not real, so why were the movies such a hit at the box office?  Yes, marketing did play a huge role in that, but there have been plenty of well marketed movies that didn’t fare so well.  So, what was it?

It was the audience’s ability to relate to the characters.  We may not be going through the exact same circumstances but we feel the same emotions. Watching the main character with his friend, and seeing the bond between them and how courageous they both were gives us hope for our own circumstances.  It’s something we can relate to.

In the same way your audience needs to be able to relate to your booklet.  They must believe it was created just for them. When they do they’ll snap your booklets up like hotcakes!

To your riches!


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