This Mistake Will Cost You Time And Money – Are You Guilty Of Making It?

Your work time is important.  You need time to think about what to write, and time to actually write.  You need time to come up with production ideas, and time to talk with prospective buyers.  In essence, You need time to run your booklet business, and you can’t do it when you’re constantly interrupted – either by your own doing or by those around you.

Plan Your Work Time

From the very start of your booklet adventure, you must decide when you will work. It’s ok to start part time.  You might choose to only work an hour each day, five days a week in the beginning.  Or, you might choose to work eight hours a day five days a week, working full time.  Either way is fine, and so is anything in between.

Choosing the days and hours you will work helps you to define how your day will look.  When you know that you will be working Monday through Friday from 9am to noon, you know that you won’t be available for anything else during that time.  This allows you to plan your time so that you can get your work done.  It also allows you to plan your fun, or other things outside of work that you want or need to do.

As the sole owner of your booklet business you probably work from home, and one of the main problems with that is that most people who attempt self employment from home don’t know how to structure or plan their day so that it is productive. This is why so many businesses fail and so many business owners go back to their old job working for someone else.

Stick To Your Plan

Once you know what days and hours you will work, you must stick to your plan and actually work.  Work time doesn’t mean that you talk to your friends on the phone, surf the internet or get in touch with your Facebook friends.  These kinds of activities suck the productive time out of you like a vampire sucking blood.  Spending your time on these activities instead of working shifts your focus, making it more difficult for you to get your work done even if you want to get back to it.

Save all your non-work activities for your off hours.  Use your working hours for building your business and your future.  Whenever you’re tempted to do something during your work hours that is not a work related activity, just imagine that activity costing you money – because it is! You just don’t realize it.

How To Curtail Outside Interruptions

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, you will be interrupted by others when you’re working.  Interruptions cost you time and make it difficult to get back on track.  One study showed that it takes the average person 20 minutes to pick up where they left off after an interruption occurred.  That’s 20 minutes lost forever, plus the time the actual interruption took! If you’re working part time, that really cuts into your day and sucks up your productivity!

People who interrupt your productivity need to know exactly when your working hours are, and when it’s ok to talk with you or call you.  Your friends and family don’t mean to interrupt.  They just don’t know what your working parameters are.  They may think that because you’re at home, you’re available.  They don’t realize that you need time simply to concentrate on what you’re doing. After all, you’re at home.  You can do as you please.  This means they think they can talk to you now and you can work later.  It’s up to you to tell them that you can’t, and why.

Being constantly interrupted is not only frustrating, it’s non-productive and costs you time and money.  Don’t make the mistake of allowing yourself or others to interrupt your work time except in the case of a true emergency.  Choose your working hours and then guard them carefully.  Your riches depend on it!

To your riches,


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