What Will Your Booklet Business Be When It Grows Up?

When you decide to create your first booklet, your focus is very narrow.  You think about the writing, the finished copies and the sales.  You imagine the checks coming in.  And that’s good, but if you can widen your focus even just a little and try to see beyond that first booklet, you just might catch a glimpse of a future that is far richer than you ever could have dreamed.

Where Do You Want To Be 12 Months From Now?

If you’re just beginning your first booklet, you’ve got an advantage.  You have the opportunity to start from scratch and build your business from the ground up to be exactly the way you want it to be.

But, even if you’re working on your 10th booklet, you can still look ahead and make decisions for what you really want to do and where you really want your business to be in the next 12 months or the next three to five years.

Most people don’t give much thought to what they really want.  They go to a mundane, boring job day after day so they can keep food on the table and pay their rent, or mortgage, and their bills.  That is their life and they’ve accepted it and made their peace with it.  But, that doesn’t have to be your existence if you don’t want it to be.

How NOT To Get Caught Up In The Daily Grind

Any business, even a booklet business, can become a mundane existence if you only concentrate on the work in front of you. You must take some time to think about your future and the future of your business.  You must take time to plan and make goals for yourself so that you’re constantly striving to achieve something.

When you have no goals to work toward, you get caught up in the daily grind and it becomes monotonous.  Goals create excitement and passion.  They keep you going.  And it isn’t because of the thrill of achieving them, although it is a good feeling to accomplish something you set out to do.  It’s because they bring rewards with them when they are met.

When you take time to think about your future and make plans and create goals, you are building the kind of business and future that you want.  It isn’t left up to chance.  You are in the drivers seat, and you decide where you want to go.

You must be an active participant in planning your future and the future of your booklet business. You must decide what you want.  When you do, you’ll achieve your goals and have what you desire.  But, if you don’t, you’ll simply go from day to day, dealing with whatever comes up.  It will be a never ending grind because you won’t feel like you’re working toward something.

So, What Will Your Business Be When It Grows Up?

Make some time to plan today.  Don’t wait.  If you do you’re putting your future and your dreams on hold.  Think about your writing and your business.  Maybe you haven’t even thought of writing a booklet as a business, but it is.

Your booklet is your product.  Since you’ll be selling that product for profit, you have a business.  Define its parameters today. How big do you want it to become?  Do you want to create just one booklet and build your business around it?  Or do you want to create many booklets?  Will you only sell booklets or will you create other products too?  Will you work from home, or do you see yourself in an office long term?

And, while you’re at it, think about what you want from your business for yourself.  The whole reason of being in business for yourself in the first place is to achieve your dreams. If you can’t do that, then you might as well be trading hours for dollars in some dismal, gray cubical somewhere.

So, what do you want?  Yes, more money, but how much more?  $10,000 a year?  $50,000?  $200,000?  A million or more?  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Go for it!  Decide what you want.  Once you do, then ask yourself what kind of business you need to build to achieve that goal.

You truly can have whatever you want.  Just figure out what you want, plan and create the goals you need to get there, and then get started and watch your business grow!

To your riches!


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