Why Booklets Are The Best Choice For Businesses Looking To Market Their Products And Services

It is said that the average consumer sees between 4,000 and 5,000 different marketing messages every day.  These come in many different forms, from advertising on billboards and buses to television and movies to printed materials.  Marketing and advertising are everywhere.  You can’t escape it.

With all this “noise” going on around us, you would think most consumers would simply tune it out.  And for the most part they do.  But, they will read or listen to some of it when it interests them.  And that’s where your booklet comes in!

Catalogs Are Out – Magalogs Are In

The days of sending catalogs to consumers is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Consumers today are more interested in information, which is why more companies are sending magalogs (magazine + catalog = magalog).  These publications don’t just showcase the company’s products – they also give the consumer valued information.

Your booklet may not be a magalog, but it serves a similar purpose for your large quantity buyer.  It gives information to the consumer – information that is in some way related to your quantity buyer’s product or company.

Newsflash!  Consumers Don’t Like Reading Ads

Recently, a Custom Publishing Council poll proved that 74% of consumers would rather get information from an interesting article than from an advertisement (did they really need to do a poll to figure that one out?  Who likes to read ads?).

As obvious as this result is, that statistic can be helpful to you when you’re talking with quantity buyers. Your booklet is an information product – one that their customer base will be interested in.

Your quantity buyer can offer that booklet to their customers in a variety of ways, and their customers will gladly accept the booklet and even share it with their family and friends.   The booklet may be customized inside and out for your buyer, further enticing them to make the purchase.

Printed Publications Trump Electronic Versions

Another statistic that may not be so obvious, is that 59% of consumers prefer to read printed publications, as opposed to only 36% who will read electronic publications.

These statistics clearly communicate that consumers are more likely to read information that is interesting to them, and that is printed.

The information contained in your booklet will be interesting to your target market – the same target market your quantity buyer wants to reach.  And if your booklet is sent to that target market in printed form, they will most likely read it.  All that’s left to be done is whatever customization your buyer needs from you, and they might even take care of that on their own if they are with a large company and have in house printing available to them.

Your booklet is exactly what businesses are looking for – they just don’t know it yet.  It’s got interesting information, it’s printable and can be customized to suit any company’s needs, and best of all it’s far less expensive to produce than a large publication such as a magalog.  Why not do those businesses a favor and offer them your booklet?

To your riches!


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