How To Make Serious Money Writing Booklets

Have you been thinking about writing a booklet but you’re wondering whether you can make a full time income from it?  The truth is that you can succeed or fail at just about anything – booklet publishing included.  It’s just a matter of what you believe is possible and how dedicated you are to making it happen.

Get Rich Quick – It Beats The Alternative

You’ve probably heard that there’s no such thing as a getting rich quick, but when you think of the alternative (getting rich slow) which one would you rather do?

Quick is simply a matter of opinion.  One person might think getting rich quick means literally overnight.  Another person might think several weeks is quick.  And while you won’t get rich literally overnight with a booklet business, you should be making significant progress within several weeks of writing your manuscript.

Your booklet adventure begins when you decide to write a booklet.  From there it progresses to the creation of your manuscript, production, and then sales.  You can write your manuscript in 24 hours, or you can write it in 24 weeks.  It’s up to you.

Production usually doesn’t take very long – about three weeks at most.  And then come the sales.  So really, how fast you rake in the riches has more to do with how long you take to do your part than it does some magical formula.

Marketability – A Key Factor In Your Riches

Another thing to consider when it comes to making serious money with your booklet is your booklet’s marketability.  If your booklet is marketable, you’ve got a winner.  If it isn’t you need to rewrite it so that it is.  Marketability simply means that your booklet is of high interest to a specific group of people.  Without that, you’ve got zip.

What makes your booklet interesting to a specific group of people?  It depends on your topic and your market, but they should be well matched.  For example, you can’t sell a booklet to horse lovers if the booklet is about taking the best care of your dog.  Horse lovers will be interested in booklets about horses, not about dogs.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Passion And Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm and passion are two things that are highly under-rated when it comes to writing.  You can’t write a word or run a business without passion and enthusiasm. Your passion and enthusiasm for what you’re doing will shine through in your work and in your business dealings.  Without that, it’s just a dull, boring business and you might as well be working in some monotonous position in a tiny, gray cubical somewhere.

Enthusiasm and passion are what keep you going when the going gets tough. When your production crew doesn’t get their job done on time, or the decision maker at the company you’ve been courting suddenly quits and you have to deal with someone new and start over, enthusiasm and passion will pull you through.

Out of your enthusiasm and passion will come your dedication.  The more enthusiastic and passionate you are about your booklet and your business, the more dedicated you will be and the more likely you are to make a full time income (or better!) from your endeavors.

You are the boss of your booklet business, and you determine your income. Just be sure that you love what you’re doing and your booklet is marketable, and you’ll be well on your way to raking in the riches!

To your riches!


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