Think Big And You’ll Get Big Results

Some people are small thinkers.  They have few goals, and the ones they have are easily achieved.  They live day to day and don’t think too much about tomorrow.  In short, their lives are fairly uneventful and monotonous.  And, that’s ok as long as they’re happy.

But, small thinking is not for you.  If it were you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  You want something more, something better than average.  And, you can have it if you’re willing to think big enough.

Donald Trump – A Great Role Model For Thinking Big

Donald Trump is a big thinker.  He’s assertive and he gets things done.  He is a man with a passion for his goals, and his goals are big.  He works hard daily to achieve his goals, and he never gives up.  He’s a great role model for thinking big – especially when you’re building a business.

Like everyone, Donald has had his trials.  At one point he was very deep in debt and he nearly lost everything.  But, As dismal as things looked, Donald never lost his ability to think big.  Because of this he not only recovered from that major financial set-back, but he went on to thrive like never before.

Thinking big is not an option for Donald Trump.  It’s part of his nature.  The more you think big, the more it will become part of your nature too.

The Beginning Of Great Things

Thinking big sets you apart from the average Joe.  This, in turn, sets apart your business from the rest.  It makes others take notice, and this is very good for business!

Thinking big means you go for the gusto.  It means you have a very large vision of what you want your booklet business to be, and you believe that you can turn that vision into reality.

Have you ever heard that phrase that says it’s better to aim too high and miss than too low and hit?  Thinking big is aiming high.  It’s the beginning of great things.

What Do You Really Want?

Thinking big is only the beginning.  You can’t have big results without taking action.  Action is what takes your thoughts and dreams and turns them into reality.  But, your actions will be based on your thoughts.  Small thoughts lead to small actions and thus, small things achieved.  Thinking big will produce bigger actions and therefore, bigger things achieved.

Big results begin with big thoughts.  Don’t hold yourself back.  Ask yourself what you really want and don’t be afraid to think big!  Your booklet business can be whatever you want it to be – something big or something small.  But, if you’re going to do it, why not do it big?

To your riches!


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