Take The Bull By The Horns And Grab Your Dreams

Have you ever known someone who procrastinates when it comes to making a decision?  Maybe you’ve done this yourself.  Procrastination is the result of fear, either the fear of the unknown or fear of making the wrong decision.  But, if you don’t take the reins and make a decision, ultimately a decision will be made for you – and it probably won’t produce the outcome you desire.

Why Doing Nothing Is A Bad Idea

Many people would rather do nothing than make a decision.  They are afraid of making a wrong choice, afraid of messing things up.  So, they do nothing.  They think everything will work out, and that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen.

If you’re one of these people, you need to take the bull by the horns and grab your dreams because they won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. Making decisions is a vital part of life and your booklet business.  You’re the boss, and if you can’t make decisions then you will never reach your goals or live the lifestyle you desire.  You’ll always be tossed to and fro depending on the circumstances surrounding you.

You Always Have A Way Out

Everyone messes up once in a while.  We all make bad decisions.  Hindsight is 20/20.  But, you can’t let that stop you because we also all make good decisions too.  Life isn’t perfect, and neither is business.  That’s what makes it an adventure.  You never know what’s around the next bend in the road, but you always have choices.

Even when you do make a wrong decision you are never stuck unless you choose to be.  You always have a way out – by making another decision. As long as you learn from your mistakes, you’re making progress.   And, chances are if you have made a bad decision, you’ll follow it with a good one the next time.

You’ve Got The Power – Will You Use It?

The ability to make decisions is a very powerful thing.  It’s what takes you from where you are to where you want to be.  As the owner of a booklet business it is absolutely essential that you exercise your decision making power every day.

Each day you’re faced with more decisions that you realize.  Do you wear this shirt or that one?  Do you have eggs for breakfast or oatmeal?  Will you drink coffee this morning or tea?  These are decisions that you make with very little thought.  You simply choose what appeals to you.

Tougher decisions, however, stand out because they force you to think.  Do you write that booklet and embark on your own booklet adventure, or do you discount the possibility that this business model will work for you?  Do you make that call to that executive, or do you avoid it?   Do you print hard copies, or do you keep your booklet as an e-product only.  These are the kinds of  decisions that must be made by the boss – and that’s you!

Owning a booklet business is a wonderful thing because it gives you the freedom to make decisions.  Making decisions is one of the greatest powers you have as a business owner. Don’t avoid making decisions.  Embrace each opportunity to do so that you have!  Your decisions will take you where you want to go, even if you end up taking a few unexpected detours along the way.  What do you want?  Decide now!

To your riches!


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