Bulk Buyers = Large Quantity Riches For You

When many booklet authors first embark on their booklet adventure, they have one simple vision in mind – write a booklet, and sell it to consumers.  This is one way to sell a booklet, and it’s tried and true.  But, there’s another way you can sell your booklet and make much more money per sale – and that’s by selling to large quantity buyers.

A Brief Anatomy Of A Large Quantity Buyer

Large quantity buyers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are corporations.  Some are non-profit organizations.  Some are smaller businesses.  And some are religious organizations.

Large quantity buyers are usually already looking for the next great promotion for their product or service.  They’re familiar with promotional products such as pens and flashlights.  But, chances are they’ve never thought of a booklet as a promotional tool.  Your booklet may be welcomed as something new and fresh for them to offer their customers in their next promotional campaign!

When Large quantity buyers purchase promotional products, they buy them in the hundreds of thousands or in the millions.  This results in a very large check for you, but for the quantity buyer they actually save money by purchasing such a large quantity.

As an illustration of this, when a company wanted to purchase 600,000 copies of one of my booklets, every penny in the price of those booklets was worth $6,000.00. to me.  But, for the company, they wouldn’t be paying anywhere near full price for those booklets, resulting in a huge per booklet savings for them.

Large quantity buyers are used to spending hundreds of thousands, millions, or in some cases billions of dollars per year for promotional items, and they’re always on the lookout for something new they think their customers will like.

How Large Companies Use The Promotional Products They Buy

So, just what do these large quantity purchasers do with the promotional products they buy?  They use them in a variety of ways.

One way these buyers use promotional items is in their mailings.  Your booklet is a perfect match for this kind of promotion because it is small enough to fit into an envelope, and it’s not too heavy which makes it inexpensive to mail.

Large companies are always cuttings costs wherever they can, and postage is one area they constantly watch.  This gives your booklet a favorable advantage over other promotional items that are heavier or contain more bulk, such as flashlights.

Another way a company might use your booklet is as a trade show hand out.  Every company that exhibits at a trade show gives something away.  All of them give out business cards, and some have brochures.  Many of them will also purchase some kind of promotional item and have their name printed on it – such as pens, insulated cups, baseball caps, t-shirts, etc.

Your booklet is the perfect trade show handout because it will be retained by the recipient indefinitely, it has a high perceived value because of the information it contains, and it will most likely be shared with others which gives the company more impressions per piece (that means more people will see each booklet than might see a pen or flashlight).

Other ways a company might use your booklet in their promotions include in store give aways, on pack, in pack or near pack promotion (open the box and find the prize inside), as part of a welcome packet, or in a gift basket.  There is no limit to the ways your booklet could be used by a company in their promotional efforts.

Finding The Large Quantity Buyer

Now that you know how a large quantity buyer might use your booklet, how do you find that large quantity buyer?  That’s easy!  Just look for companies that are marketing to your booklet’s audience.

If your booklet is for dog lovers, ask yourself who sells products for dog lovers.  If your booklet is for baby boomers who like to travel, look for companies that market to them.  Whoever your niche market is, someone else is already marketing to them. Match those companies to your booklet and you’ve got the formula for large quantity riches!

To your riches!


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