The 2012 Goldmine – Will You Cash In?

Trends present a huge opportunity for anyone in any media to cash in big.  This includes authors and writers across the spectrum.  The 2012 thought movement is a mega trend.  Whether you believe catastrophic events will occur in 2012 or not, the fact is that many people do.  In fact, the 2012 thought movement is a global trend of thinking which makes it a huge, ripe market that is right here, right now.

The 2012 Phenomenon

What is a trend and what makes 2012 such a mega trend?  A trend is simply something that is popular among a group of people, such as teenagers.  A mega trend is something that is popular on a global level, or across a huge spectrum of the population.

2012 has become a mega trend for two basic reasons.  First, it is promoted by the media. You see it everywhere – online, in bookstores, on magazine covers, and very shortly you’ll even be able to see it in the theater.

Why is 2012 being so heavily promoted?  Because the media know the value of taking a good trend and turning it into a mega trend or a phenomenon.  And what works for the mainstream media can often be scaled down to work for booklet authors!

The second reason 2012 is such a mega trend has to do with human curiosity, fear and our love of a good story.  2012 is in the future.  Since it isn’t here yet there’s no way to know exactly what will happen or how things will play out that year on a global scale.  This leaves plenty of room for fear tactics as well as good story telling about events that might occur.

It’s Been Done Before

2012 isn’t the first global trend the media has recognized as being prime material for exploitation.  Do you remember Y2K?  That event ushered in another global trend of thought – one which the media was able to expand and cash in on.

So many people are talking about 2012 now that the media’s job has gotten easier.  The media may have started the fire, but word of mouth is fanning the flames.  All the media needs to do now is add some new, hot information to the fire every once in a while.

You Are Part Of The Media Too

In a sense, you are part of the media.  All media does is bring information to the public.  You do this too, with your booklet.  Movie producers do this with their films.  Blog owners do this with their blog posts.  There are many different forms of media.

When you see a trend happening, such as 2012, and you see other forms of media tying into it, that’s a good clue that you should tie your booklet into it too if you possibly can.

Your booklet doesn’t need to be specifically about 2012 or events or prophecies tied to it.  Your booklet might have value in another way.  The trick is to be creative and ask yourself how your booklet might tie into the trend.

A good way to come up with ideas is to study the 2012 phenomenon and learn a little more about what people think about it.  Another thing to do is watch the media and see what they tie into it. Even your local news may occasionally mention it.

Watch the magazines on the news stands and the books that come out in your local bookstore.  All of these things will give you clues as to what people are thinking on a global scale, as well as spark some creative ideas in you for tying your booklet into the 2012 phenomenon.

2012 is really a goldmine for you as a booklet author.  It’s just a matter of doing a little digging to find the right vein.  Will you cash in?

To your riches!


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2 responses to “The 2012 Goldmine – Will You Cash In?

  1. Great post, Kim! Yeah- remember Y2K. This has every bit as much potential, and probably more that that… and more angles than you can count. There’s gold in them thar hills folks. And you’ve got a couple of years to mine it. Two years will pass before you know it, so get off the couch and turn off the TV!

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