Five Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals In Your Booklet Business

When it comes to your booklet business, you don’t want to be busy.  You want to be productive.  You want your time to be spent moving you and your business forward.  Here are five tips to help you be more productive so you can achieve your goals.

1)  Establish your business hours and stick to them. This not only helps you be more productive because you know which hours during the day you’ll devote to your business, it also lets your customers know when they can reach you.

2)  Let your friends and family know you’ll be unavailable during business hours. Your friends and family need to know that your business is something you take seriously.  Telling them you won’t be available during your working hours (except in case of emergency) will help them to respect your business and your time.

3)  Make a list of what needs to be done each day. Without a list, you will find yourself doing a little of this and a little of that, but not really accomplishing anything.  Create a list the night before of what you need to do the next day.  Start with the most important thing that you absolutely must get done, and work your way down to the non-essential things.  You’ll find that the most important stuff always gets done, and often the non-essential things will be carried over to the next day.  That’s ok.  Eventually the non-essential things will become more important and they’ll be moved to the top of your list.

4)  Begin your day with your telephone. You should start your day by making any important calls you need to make.  This gets them out of the way.  Also, you’ve got a better chance of reaching people first thing in the morning than you do half way through the day.

5)  End your day with your computer. Save your email and other computer related activities for late in the afternoon or at least after lunch.  Try not to check your email more than once per day.  It’s just too tempting to answer email as it comes in, thus draining your productive working time.

To your riches,


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