12 Advantages Booklets Have Over Other Holiday Promotions To Help You Make The Sale

The holidays are just around the corner once again, and booklets make a fantastic holiday promotion.  There are literally an untold number of ways that a company might use your booklet to promote their company, their brand or their merchandise.  Sometimes a company will have their own ideas, and other times they’ll need a suggestion or two from you to get them thinking in the right direction about what’s possible.

While booklets have a number of uses, they also have a number of advantages over other promotional items a company might use.  Below is a list of advantages you might want to consider telling your large quantity prospects about this holiday season.

1) Booklets cost little to mail and can easily be slipped into an envelope along with promotional offers from the company.

2) Your booklet can be customized with the company’s name, contact information and logo.  Customization is HUGE because it keeps that company’s name in front of their customers.  More companies are seeing the advantage of customization than ever, so being able to offer them an inexpensive promotional item that can be customized will work in your favor as well as theirs.

3) The holidays are a time for giving, and booklets make a a great, inexpensive give-a-way.  They can be slipped into a bag with a purchase, placed into a basket on the counter for people to take one on their own, or mailed.

4) Booklets have a high perceived value as compared to other promotional items such as pens.

5) Booklets are retained longer than other promotional products.  This means the company’s name (when the booklet is customized) stays in front of the customer longer.

6) Booklets are more likely to be shared with the recipient’s circle of influence, giving more impressions (views of the customized message) per booklet than for other promotional items.

7) Booklets are unique.  Chances are the company’s competition won’t be giving booklets away if they’re giving anything away at all.  And, even if they were, it wouldn’t be the same booklet.

8) It’s easy to add promotional offers to a booklet.  A coupon or special offer can easily be added to the last page or even the back cover.

9) A booklet, with the author’s permission, can be used in part rather than given away as a whole.  This allows a company to use some of the material from the booklet for other projects such as calendars or T-shirts.  You can’t do this with a pen or flashlight!

10) A company can accept a booklet as is, or request changes be made to suit them.  These  changes might include asking for the cover colors to be changed to match their logo, changing a photo on the cover, adding their phone number to the bottom of every inside page, adding additional information to the inside or cover of the booklet, or removing information from the booklet.

11) Booklets make great stocking stuffers or can be slipped under the ribbon on a gift.  Some companies might want to emphasize this to their customers, while other companies might give the booklet to employees either as a gift or as part of a gift.

12) A booklet can fit into an envelope along with the holiday bonus checks they give out.  It’s just a little something extra to say thanks to their employees.

The number of companies using promotional products during the holiday season grows every year.  Why not help them to see the advantages of using your booklet as opposed to another product?  If they’re going to buy a promotional product to give away, it might as well be yours!

To your riches,


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