Marketing Made Simple

When most booklet authors begin their booklet adventure, they get excited about the writing.  They have a message burning inside them that they can’t wait to get out.  But, after their manuscript is finished and production is complete, it quickly begins to sink in that the next step in the process is marketing – something most authors fear and would rather avoid.  But, marketing doesn’t have to be scary or difficult.

Why The Corporate Example Is A Bad One

Most people think that marketing is difficult and costs alot of money.  And, if you’re a corporate player it is and it does, but not because it has to be that way.

Most corporations pour millions of dollars into ideas that don’t work.  This is not the way you want to market your booklet.  First, because you probably don’t have the funds, and second, because marketing that doesn’t work is a waste of time.

Corporations will use top marketing companies to get their message out to the public.  But, these top marketing companies aren’t interested in getting results for the corporations who hire them.  The corporations will pay them regardless of the results of the marketing company’s efforts.

What the marketing companies are really after is accolades and awards within their industry.  This helps them to stand out as the best and get more big corporate jobs.  It’s an endless cycle that costs billions within the corporate industry, and gives very little in return.

What Marketing Is

Every time you mention your booklet to someone, you are marketing.  And, whenever someone who has purchased your booklet tells someone else about it, they are marketing for you.  All marketing really is, is telling others that your booklet is available.  It’s letting others know your product exists.

Your marketing should be a natural outpouring of your enthusiasm for your booklet.  It should be a daily process.  Marketing is more like a never ending journey, with alot of twists and turns, than it is a quick plane trip to a destination.  It is something you should be constantly and continually working on.

Keep It Simple

Marketing should never be a complicated process.  You want your marketing to be simple so that it is easy for you to do.  Anything that is too difficult or costly should not be included in your marketing methods.

Your marketing should also be effective – that is, it should result in sales for you.  If it doesn’t, you’re wasting your time and any money you do spend on your marketing efforts.  Any ineffective marketing tactics should either be re-vamped or thrown out.

Marketing should never be complicated, difficult or costly for you.  Think of all the different ways you tell people about your booklet and what you do.  That is marketing.  And, if you are passionate about your creation (and you should be), you will be a successful marketer.  Passion = sharing with others = sales.

To your riches!


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