From Booklet Author To Playwrite – How Writing Booklets Can Lead To Other Opportunities

I’ve often said that you never know where a booklet will take you, and it’s true.  Last week I was talking with a lady of an organization who knows that I am a booklet author.  We were having a friendly chat and I happened to mention that I have a background in acting.  Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she had an idea.  “With your acting background and writing ability, you could write a play for our organization!”  A play?  Sure!  Why not?  It will be fun!

The Advantage Of Owning A Publishing Company

Since I own a publishing company, I will be able to publish the play and offer it to other, similar organizations that would like to use it.  I would be able to sell copies just as I would with my booklets.  I won’t have to bother with royalties, which is just a small pittance of the money made from sales.  I will be able to collect the entire profit from the venture.  And, since each actor portraying a character in the play will need a copy, as well as the director, assistant director and possibly the stage manager as well, I’ll be selling multiple copies for each sale.

The Advantage Of Having An Audience View Or Read Your Work Prior To Publication

Writing the play for this lady will give me a chance to see how it is received before I put it into the market place.  This will give me the opportunity to work out any rough spots before I publish the play.  It is akin to having people read your booklet before you go to press.  Those people can really save your credibility and reputation as an author.

What Happens For Me Can Happen For You

No matter what your background is, and no matter what kind of booklet you want to write, be ready for new opportunities to come your way.  It has happened for me many times, and it will happen for you too.  Keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities that interest you.  When you write a booklet and start your own booklet business or publishing company, you just never know what lies waiting for you down the road or around the bend.  The opportunities are there.  Go get ’em!

To your riches!


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