The Secret To Having A Prosperous Booklet Business And A Rich Life

One of the pitfalls of being a booklet author who is in charge of everything related to your product and your business is that it can be tempting to do everything yourself.  This is your creation, your product and your business and in order to make it work, you may feel you must have total control.  And the only way to have total control is to do it all yourself.

This mindset can actually stagnate your business and your booklet sales, keeping your from reaching your goals.

Building A Strong Business

Nobody can do it all.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses.  When you play up your strengths, your business wins.  But, if you add all your weaknesses in there too, your business will suffer.

The best thing you can do is to take care of those things you do well, and get someone else to do the things you don’t do well.  This way, every area of your business will be filled by someone who is strongly equipped to handle the job.

For example, you may be a fantastic writer who is able to easily express ideas and concepts, but you may be a terrible grammarian.  The solution to this is simple.  Hire an editor.  This gives your business strength and it makes your product better.

Avoiding Burnout

Another reason why doing it all yourself is a bad idea is that it causes burnout.  You begin your booklet adventure excited about creating something, and then somewhere along the way you become frustrated.

Things seem to be taking longer than you anticipated due to your lack of skill in a certain area, or you just can’t seem to get the design quite right.  So, after struggling for some time, you decide to throw in the towel on your project and it sits until you can regain your perspective.

This scenario is easily avoided when you get the help you need in the areas where you lack the skill or expertise to handle the job properly on your own.

Enjoying Your Business And Your Life

Your goal with your business is to have a vehicle that can help you live the lifestyle you desire – not to be a slave to your business, doing everything that must be done and having no time to enjoy other things.

It isn’t always easy handing your booklet project over to someone else to do their part.  In fact, it can be a nerve wracking process – especially when you want to feel in control and you’re handing it over for the very first time.  But, you must be big enough to admit when you’re not qualified to handle something, either because you lack the skill, the interest, or the time.

Your admission to yourself of your inability to handle every aspect of your business will strengthen your business, improve your booklets, and give you the time you need to work on those things you can do well, as well as giving you time away from your business to enjoy your life.

It’s not always easy giving up control of your business or your booklet project in the areas where you are weak.  But, in the end, it is so worth it!  It’s the secret to having a prosperous business and a rich life.  And a rich life is really the best thing of all.

To your riches!


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