How To Guarantee Your Success As A Booklet Author

It’s been said that there is never any guarantee of success with any endeavor.  This is not true.  There is.  But, the only one who can guarantee your success is you.  How?  By doing the following.

The Power Of Your First Decision

The first thing you must do in order to guarantee your success as a booklet author is to make the decision to become a booklet author.  This may sound simple enough, but many people would rather make wishes than make something happen. Everyone who is successful has, at one time, stood on the outside looking in and debated whether to move forward or to move away.

If you’re at this stage, and you’re intrigued by the possibility of writing a booklet and profiting from the endeavor, the only way you can make it happen is to make the decision to write that booklet.  That decision will set things in motion.  Think of it like getting into a car.  The car will take you somewhere, but you must first make the decision to get in and ride.

The decision to begin your booklet adventure is probably the most important and powerful decision you will make of your entire journey. Without it, you’ve got nothing.  With it, everything changes.  It’s exciting.  It’s exhilarating, and you’ll feel empowered after you make this one decision.  Do it now!

Never Give Up

Once you’ve made the decision to start your booklet adventure, you must stay the course.  Never, never, never, never, never give up!  At times you’ll feel like Alice – as if you fell down a rabbit hole and entered a whole new world.  New surprises await you around every corner.  But, no matter what happens, you must continue to move forward.

Moving forward doesn’t always mean straight ahead.  Sometimes you’ll take a turn.  Sometimes, you’ll wait.  And sometimes you’ll change direction entirely.  But, you should always be doing something. Even when you’re waiting, something should be happening – such as when you’re waiting for your booklets to be printed, or you’re waiting for an important call from Mr. Bigwig at XYZ company.

Think Positive

Thinking positively goes hand in hand with never giving up.  Every day you talk to yourself in your mind.  You tell yourself whether you can or can’t do something.  You think positive and negative thoughts all day long.  You need to focus on the positive.  If you don’t, you’re guaranteed to fail.

If your self talk is telling you that your writing isn’t good enough, or that you don’t have what it takes, or that nobody will want to talk to you because you’re not a famous author already with alot of money and clout, tell that voice inside you to SHUT UP!

One note about thinking positively and having positive self talk – while it will go a long way toward moving you to action, you still need to actually DO something in order to have the success you want.  Thinking positively is great, but if that’s all you ever do you’ll still fail.

Have No Fear

Some people make the decision to write a booklet, start moving forward, think positive thoughts, and suddenly something happens or a new thought comes into their head and they’re paralyzed with fear.  It may be that Mr. Bigwig actually returns their call, or maybe they’re facing the final phase of production for their booklet and they’re uncertain of what to do next.

It’s at this point that many booklet authors drop the ball and everything stops.  They let their fear and their anxiety get the best of them.  In order to keep this from happening to you, you must meet the challenge head on and conquer it.  If you don’t, it will conquer you.

If Mr. Bigwig returns your call, pat yourself on the back.  You’ve got a chance at making a HUGE sale!  When your booklet goes into the production phase, have some plans already in place for your next move.   Once you’ve conquered your fear it will be easier to do the next time.  You’ll realize there is nothing to fear.  Stuff happens, you deal with it, and you move forward. That’s business, and that’s life.

When you do these things, your success is guaranteed!

To your riches!


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2 responses to “How To Guarantee Your Success As A Booklet Author

  1. I found your blog thru (while looking up info on case studies). Am very inspired by your blog! Years ago I was convinced that reports or booklets would be a great way to earn an income as a freelance writer.

    I definitely need to start working on developing some booklets of my own!

    • Hi Chris!

      Welcome to the blog! I’m so glad it has inspired you!

      You’re right. Booklets are a great way to make money as a freelance writer – even more so than reports. Reports usually can’t be sold by the thousands to one buyer, and just the name “report” tends to imply that it’s something for now, but the information could change in the future. But, if you take that report and turn it into a booklet, now you have a finished product of value in the consumer’s eyes.

      If you can write a report or an article, you can write a booklet. I consult with people all the time who want to write, but they don’t want to write a full length book and they don’t want to write articles or reports. They don’t want to depend on someone else to pay them, and they don’t want to work for peanuts like so many article writers do. You have to continually write articles to make decent money from it. But, with a booklet you can write it once and you’ve got a product that you can sell over and over again.

      I look forward to hearing great things from you as you progress through your own booklet adventure!

      To your riches!


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