Marketing Your Booklet – 15 Reasons People Buy

The reasons people buy are as varied as the people themselves.  But, there are some commonalities that hold true for just about all individuals.  Here are 15 reasons people buy.  Consider them carefully as you create and market your booklet!

1)  Want. You can buy a cheap pair of shoes at your local Wal-Mart or Payless Shoe Source.  So, why do you buy the expensive Nikes from Nordstrom?  You need shoes, but you want Nikes.

2) Need. One of the biggest needs we have today is information.  We need information we can assimilate into our minds very quickly.  This is why booklets are such an advantage over books.  Few people have the time or patience to read books anymore.

3)  Status. Why do you want those nikes instead of the cheaper brand?  Because it’s a status symbol.  It tells everyone that you are somebody.  Information can elevate status or the perception of it – yet another plus for your booklet.

4)  Membership Or Sense Of Belonging. Have you ever joined a group and felt like an outsider because you were new and didn’t always know what other group members were talking about?  What if you could get your hands on some information that would let you talk with the others like a real insider, as if you had been a part of the group for years? What if you could read a small booklet that explained some of that inside terminology?

5)  Make Money. If your booklet can help people make money, you’ve got a winner!

6)  Save Money. This is almost as good as making money.  Almost.

7)  Save Time. Why reinvent the wheel?

8)  Achieve A Goal. Better health and weight loss come to mind.

9)  Attract Men or Women. Singles are a large market, and they’ll buy almost any product they think will help them in this endeavor.

10)  Protection of Home, Family or Possessions. This is why people buy fire and burglur alarms.  It might also be why they’ll buy your booklet if it contains related information.

11)  To Escape Something. Back pain?  The 9 – 5 rate race?

12)  Entertainment. People like to be entertained.  Is your booklet funny?  Does it present information in a way that is entertaining?  Does it help people to entertain, or to enjoy something?

13)  Gift. Your booklet might be the perfect gift in and of itself, or it might go along with something else to complete a gift.  There are many holidays on which gifts are given, as well as for other reasons such as birthdays, as a reward for an achievement, or just because the giver wants to be remembered.

14)  Impulse. It was there, the price was right and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

15)  Convenience. It was easier to get than a competing product.

To your riches,


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