The Secret To Getting What You Want

I heard a good little story last night and thought I’d share it with you today.  Two men were hired for a job.  The boss told them they would be filling in a hole with dirt.  They were each handed a shovel and then they were taken to the hole they were supposed to fill in.  As the two men looked across the Grand Canyon, the first man shook his head and angrily said, “No way!  There’s no way!  This is crazy!  What is this, some kind of joke?  This is a waste of time.  I’m outta here!”  And he threw his shovel on the ground and walked away.

Now, at this point during the story I thought to myself that I would probably have done the same thing.  How could you possibly fill in the Grand Canyon with a shovel?  Even the biggest bulldozer couldn’t do it!  But wait until you hear what happened next….

The second man gleefully smiled, hardly able to contain his joy and said, “What a wonderful boss I have!  I’ll be employed for life!”

Which man would you rather be?  If you’re like me, you’d rather be the second man.  He was the one who saw the positive in what seemed like an impossible task or situation.

Two Ways To View The Choice Before You

At this moment, you are faced with a choice.  It might be whether to create a booklet, or it might be whether to make that call to talk with the head of XYZ company about a purchase from you, or it might be about whether to take your company in a new direction and grow it larger.

No matter what kind of choice you’re faced with, there are always two ways to look at it.  One is positive, the other is negative.  Whichever one you choose, the outcome of your choice (or the situation) will match.

There’s No Such Thing As Random Chance

Have you ever gone through a time when everything just seemed to fall into place and one good thing after another happened for you?  This isn’t something that happens by random chance.  It occurs because you expect it to.

Many people get up in the morning expecting to go through another day of drudgery, or at least the same ol’ same ol’ of yesterday.  They aren’t looking for anything new or exciting to happen for them, and so it seems that nothing ever does.

But, a few people get up in the morning with great expectations.  It doesn’t matter what the weather looks like outside, or whether the car will start or if they’re short just a few cents for being able to get their latte.  They have already determined that they are going to be happy this day, and that great things will happen for them.  They expect certain results, and they refuse to allow negative experiences to get in the way or spoil their day.

Your own expectations literally determine the results you get from your booklet adventure and ultimately, your life.  If you go into your day with high expectations and you determine that NOTHING is going to get in the way of the results you want, then you’re going to win.

On the other hand, if you go into your day with the attitude that you just can’t make it work, or that you’re nobody so why would Mr. Bigwig want to talk to you, or that you’re just too tired or the process is taking too long, you will lose.

The Secret – It’s So Simple!

Expect good things to come to you and they will.  Expect to get good results and you will.  That’s the secret, and it’s so simple!  What most people don’t realize is your expectations set in motion your actions.  When your expectations are positive, your actions will be positive.  The same applies for negative expectations.

Riches are not made by expecting small things, or worse – negative outcomes.  Can you imagine Donald Trump going into a real estate deal with low expectations?  Or Bill Gates creating a new product that he expects will fail?  It’s not gonna happen.  What if Oprah suddenly woke up one morning and thought to herself, “Oh, not again.  Not another day of this.  I’m getting too old for this.”  Her career would be finished.

These people get up every morning expecting great things to happen.  They get great results because they expect nothing less.  And when you expect nothing less than great results they will happen for you too!

Riches are made much more by your expectations than by what you do.  Now get out your shovel and start filling in that hole!

To your riches,


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2 responses to “The Secret To Getting What You Want

  1. On the contrary, I’d rather be the first man! Sure the second man had a job for life, but that’s all he had- a job. He was left to inane, uncreative, unfulfilling (no pun intended) work which would never have any sense of accomplishment. The first fellow quickly realized the life of busy work for what it was and left, my presumption being, to go and do more meaningful work somewhere else. Many a day I would go to work to find we had no work and could be paid a full day’s salary if we could just look busy for 8 hours. Many a same day, I’d spend a day’s worth of vacation time to go do something I wanted or needed to do somewhere else. Give me work with meaning or give me no work at all.

  2. You know, Larry, I hadn’t thought of it like that. You’re right! I guess there are two ways of looking at this story! I like your way better!

    I agree. Our work has to be meaningful or our lives will be very dull. What’s the point of existing if there is no meaning in our existence?

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