Why The Opportunity For E-Riches Is HUGE

Many authors tend to think that ebooks don’t have any real merit or value.  They consider the market for ebooks too small to be worth their time.  These authors feel that in order to have the credit they deserve as a writer, it’s best to avoid writing ebooks and stick to printed books.

According to The Association Of American Publishers, ebook sales rose 136.2% for the month of June 2009, for a total of $14 million dollars. The market for ebooks is already large, and it’s continuing to grow at a rapid pace.  So much for what all those other authors believe.  Now, the only question you should be asking is how you can capitalize on this growing market.

Ebooklets – The Fastest Way To Publish And Make Money

The absolute fastest way to break into booklet publishing is with an ebooklet.  An ebooklet affords you the opportunity to create a product very quickly for practically no cash up front.  It literally lets you go from idea to sale within 24 hours or less in some cases, and usually within no more than a week.

As if that weren’t temptation enough to create an ebooklet, the market for your ebooklet is online already – right where your ebooklet will be sold.  This makes sales a snap!

What About All Those Free Ebooks Online?

You may be thinking that people won’t buy your ebooklet because so many authors and website owners offer their ebooks for free, which has spoiled the market.  But, as you can see above, the statistics show otherwise.  Authors are discovering that they don’t have to give away their information for free simply because it is in the form of an ebook or ebooklet.  People are willing to pay for good information no matter what format the information is in.

Why Any Author Can Benefit From Writing An Ebooklet

Creating an ebooklet has several advantages for you even if you plan to create a printed booklet.  In fact, even if you plan to write a full length book, you can still benefit from having an ebooklet online.

An ebooklet gives you a chance to test your market and see how they respond to your subject idea before you spend money on the printed version of your work.  If your ebooklet isn’t well received, chances are your printed version won’t be either.  But, unlike with printed copies, you can easily make changes to your ebooklet and give it another go.

Another advantage of an ebooklet, which is for those who plan to write a full length book, is that you can give your audience a small taste of the whole, enticing them to buy your book once it’s published.  The ebooklet will do the marketing for you by generating interest.  Most book authors have an online audience they market to.  An ebooklet will help with that.

So go ahead and give it go!  With an ebooklet, you’ve got nothing to lose and a market that is already out there – waiting to discover your product!

To your riches,


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