Seven Ways To Deal With People Who Criticize You Or Your Booklet

If you’ve created your first booklet, you’ve already figured out that nobody is going to be as enthusiastic about what you’re doing as you are.  But, if you’re at the very start of your adventure, you probably have very high expectations of those around you – expectations that are, perhaps, unrealistic.

Not all criticism is constructive.  Here are seven ideas for how to deal with people who try to discourage you, or who might ridicule you or your finished product.

1)  Understand where their behavior comes from. Most people will never try to improve themselves or their lifestyle.  People who try to discourage you do so because they don’t believe they could do it themselves, so why would they believe you can do it?  The best thing you can do with these people is smile, politely say something like, “We’ll see…” or “Time will tell…” and then avoid them like the plague!

2)  Keep your plans and dreams a secret. Don’t tell anyone if you can avoid it.  Get your booklet created and make that first big sale, and then you can let the cat out of the bag.  This way people will have to congratulate you for your accomplishment, which will encourage you further, rather than you trying to get them to believe in your dreams.

3)  Surround yourself with like-minded (positive) people. Some of these people might be online friends, but you should have some offline people to associate with face to face too, who will uplift and encourage you to keep going.

4)  Make a commitment to your project and stick to it. This might mean creating a deadline for yourself, or it might just be a commitment to see it through.  Once you’ve decided to go for it no matter what, it will be difficult for anyone to derail you from your goal.

5)  Don’t sling mud back at them. A friend of mine once said that he who throws dirt looses ground.  Attacking the other person only makes you seem insecure and brings you down.  Instead, refer to to #1 on this list.

6)  Keep your eyes on the prize. You are on a mission.  The only way you’ll ever achieve your goals and have something better than what you have now is to plan your work and work your plan.  Resolve never to let anyone destroy your dreams or distract you from doing what you need to do.

7)  Grow A Thick Skin. Just as not everyone will share in your dream as enthusiastically as you, not everyone will love your booklet.  Some people might even laugh at it.  But, remember that in the end it’s you who will have the last laugh – all the way to bank!

How about you?  Got anything to add to this list?  Your comments are always welcome!

To your riches,


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