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Marketing Made Simple

When most booklet authors begin their booklet adventure, they get excited about the writing.  They have a message burning inside them that they can’t wait to get out.  But, after their manuscript is finished and production is complete, it quickly begins to sink in that the next step in the process is marketing – something most authors fear and would rather avoid.  But, marketing doesn’t have to be scary or difficult.

Why The Corporate Example Is A Bad One

Most people think that marketing is difficult and costs alot of money.  And, if you’re a corporate player it is and it does, but not because it has to be that way.

Most corporations pour millions of dollars into ideas that don’t work.  This is not the way you want to market your booklet.  First, because you probably don’t have the funds, and second, because marketing that doesn’t work is a waste of time.

Corporations will use top marketing companies to get their message out to the public.  But, these top marketing companies aren’t interested in getting results for the corporations who hire them.  The corporations will pay them regardless of the results of the marketing company’s efforts.

What the marketing companies are really after is accolades and awards within their industry.  This helps them to stand out as the best and get more big corporate jobs.  It’s an endless cycle that costs billions within the corporate industry, and gives very little in return.

What Marketing Is

Every time you mention your booklet to someone, you are marketing.  And, whenever someone who has purchased your booklet tells someone else about it, they are marketing for you.  All marketing really is, is telling others that your booklet is available.  It’s letting others know your product exists.

Your marketing should be a natural outpouring of your enthusiasm for your booklet.  It should be a daily process.  Marketing is more like a never ending journey, with alot of twists and turns, than it is a quick plane trip to a destination.  It is something you should be constantly and continually working on.

Keep It Simple

Marketing should never be a complicated process.  You want your marketing to be simple so that it is easy for you to do.  Anything that is too difficult or costly should not be included in your marketing methods.

Your marketing should also be effective – that is, it should result in sales for you.  If it doesn’t, you’re wasting your time and any money you do spend on your marketing efforts.  Any ineffective marketing tactics should either be re-vamped or thrown out.

Marketing should never be complicated, difficult or costly for you.  Think of all the different ways you tell people about your booklet and what you do.  That is marketing.  And, if you are passionate about your creation (and you should be), you will be a successful marketer.  Passion = sharing with others = sales.

To your riches!


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From Booklet Author To Playwrite – How Writing Booklets Can Lead To Other Opportunities

I’ve often said that you never know where a booklet will take you, and it’s true.  Last week I was talking with a lady of an organization who knows that I am a booklet author.  We were having a friendly chat and I happened to mention that I have a background in acting.  Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she had an idea.  “With your acting background and writing ability, you could write a play for our organization!”  A play?  Sure!  Why not?  It will be fun!

The Advantage Of Owning A Publishing Company

Since I own a publishing company, I will be able to publish the play and offer it to other, similar organizations that would like to use it.  I would be able to sell copies just as I would with my booklets.  I won’t have to bother with royalties, which is just a small pittance of the money made from sales.  I will be able to collect the entire profit from the venture.  And, since each actor portraying a character in the play will need a copy, as well as the director, assistant director and possibly the stage manager as well, I’ll be selling multiple copies for each sale.

The Advantage Of Having An Audience View Or Read Your Work Prior To Publication

Writing the play for this lady will give me a chance to see how it is received before I put it into the market place.  This will give me the opportunity to work out any rough spots before I publish the play.  It is akin to having people read your booklet before you go to press.  Those people can really save your credibility and reputation as an author.

What Happens For Me Can Happen For You

No matter what your background is, and no matter what kind of booklet you want to write, be ready for new opportunities to come your way.  It has happened for me many times, and it will happen for you too.  Keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities that interest you.  When you write a booklet and start your own booklet business or publishing company, you just never know what lies waiting for you down the road or around the bend.  The opportunities are there.  Go get ’em!

To your riches!


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How To Deal With Life’s Stuff So That You Aren’t Distracted From Your Work

Life is like a roller coaster.  It has it’s ups and downs.  Some days you might feel like you’re on top of the world, and other days you might feel like you’re in such a low valley you’ll never be able to climb out.  But, no matter how you feel, you must remember you still have a booklet business to run.  You must never allow your feelings to get in the way of your goals.

How can you do this?  How can you work on your new manuscript, or call that executive who is interested in a quantity purchase, or fill those orders that came in today when you’re feeling so down and out that you just want to curl up in bed and go to sleep?  Or when you’re so excited that you just want to burst and you can’t concentrate on anything?

Here are five ways you can use to deal with the stuff life throws at you so you can be more productive in your writing and your business.

1)  Take a brisk walk. Walking helps you burn off some energy.  It helps to calm you.  If you talk to that executive and he places a very large order, you may be so excited you just can’t concentrate on getting the rest of your work done.  You need to burn off that energy so you can go back to work.

Walking also helps to calm you when you feel down.  It gives you time to think, and to focus on the solution to the problem.

2)  Call a friend. Ok, you know you shouldn’t be talking to friends during your working hours.  But, when you are just so emotional you can’t work anyway, talking to a friend can help you release that emotion so you can focus on your work again and do what needs to be done.

3)  Search online for a solution. Sometimes it helps to read what others have written who are in the same situation.  You can read articles, blog posts, or even join an online group to find the answers you need.

4)  Engage in a relaxing activity. When you’re wound up too tight, no matter which way, you need to relax.  It’s time to go to the bookstore to browse a little and maybe have some coffee.  Or, do some exercise or go for a swim.  Maybe a hot bath and some music will help.

5)  Set a certain amount of time aside to think about it, and when the time is up go back to work. You can’t ignore your feelings, but you can’t allow them to interfere with your work either.  If they do, they’ll end up interfering with your life and you’ll never reach the goals you have set for yourself.  So, give yourself some time to feel the way you do – to think about things – and then, when time’s up go back to work.

To your riches!


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The Secret To Having A Prosperous Booklet Business And A Rich Life

One of the pitfalls of being a booklet author who is in charge of everything related to your product and your business is that it can be tempting to do everything yourself.  This is your creation, your product and your business and in order to make it work, you may feel you must have total control.  And the only way to have total control is to do it all yourself.

This mindset can actually stagnate your business and your booklet sales, keeping your from reaching your goals.

Building A Strong Business

Nobody can do it all.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses.  When you play up your strengths, your business wins.  But, if you add all your weaknesses in there too, your business will suffer.

The best thing you can do is to take care of those things you do well, and get someone else to do the things you don’t do well.  This way, every area of your business will be filled by someone who is strongly equipped to handle the job.

For example, you may be a fantastic writer who is able to easily express ideas and concepts, but you may be a terrible grammarian.  The solution to this is simple.  Hire an editor.  This gives your business strength and it makes your product better.

Avoiding Burnout

Another reason why doing it all yourself is a bad idea is that it causes burnout.  You begin your booklet adventure excited about creating something, and then somewhere along the way you become frustrated.

Things seem to be taking longer than you anticipated due to your lack of skill in a certain area, or you just can’t seem to get the design quite right.  So, after struggling for some time, you decide to throw in the towel on your project and it sits until you can regain your perspective.

This scenario is easily avoided when you get the help you need in the areas where you lack the skill or expertise to handle the job properly on your own.

Enjoying Your Business And Your Life

Your goal with your business is to have a vehicle that can help you live the lifestyle you desire – not to be a slave to your business, doing everything that must be done and having no time to enjoy other things.

It isn’t always easy handing your booklet project over to someone else to do their part.  In fact, it can be a nerve wracking process – especially when you want to feel in control and you’re handing it over for the very first time.  But, you must be big enough to admit when you’re not qualified to handle something, either because you lack the skill, the interest, or the time.

Your admission to yourself of your inability to handle every aspect of your business will strengthen your business, improve your booklets, and give you the time you need to work on those things you can do well, as well as giving you time away from your business to enjoy your life.

It’s not always easy giving up control of your business or your booklet project in the areas where you are weak.  But, in the end, it is so worth it!  It’s the secret to having a prosperous business and a rich life.  And a rich life is really the best thing of all.

To your riches!


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The One Thing Most People Don’t Do That Can Make You A Fortune

How many times has this happened to you – someone says they’ll call you, or they plan to get together with you, and they don’t follow through?  Too many times to count, right?

Unfortunately, in our society today, this is a common occurrence.  In fact, it’s so common that it’s become the norm.  People say one thing, and do another.  They don’t follow through.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your neighbor, your best friend, or the top executive at a mega corporation.

You can use this to your advantage.

It Starts With You

Knowing that most people won’t follow through gives you the opportunity to do the opposite.  It gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd and be remembered because you are true to your word.

Think about this.  When you’re talking with that executive and you tell him you’ll call him back tomorrow, he may be thinking, “Sure.  I’ve heard that one before,” even though he tells you he’ll be looking forward to your call.  When you actually do call him back, he’ll be happily surprised.  This is a great way to begin a business relationship.

Even in business most people do not do what they promise.  Sales people fail to follow up with prospects or show up for appointments on time.  Top executives don’t return calls, and the list goes on.  If you make the decision – a true conscious effort – to do the opposite, you will stand out as someone with integrity and this can make you a fortune!

Integrity is good for your reputation as a business person.  It lets people know that they can trust you, and trust is extremely important in business.  People do business with people they trust, and they avoid the people they don’t.

Beating Your Competitors

Following through and doing what you promise also gives you a HUGE advantage over your competition.  Who is your competition?  Anyone else who wants money from your prospect – whether or not they have a similar product to yours.

In today’s economy, people and businesses alike are carefully watching every penny they spend.  Your ultimate goal is to get them to spend their money on your product – your booklet.

To do this, you must be faithful and true in your follow up.  You must do what you promise.  Chances are your competition won’t.  This means you’re the one who will be remembered or favored when the funds become available to make a purchase. You will have endeared yourself to your prospect.

This is such an easy thing to do.  It’s amazing how many people miss it – and suffer the consequences of lost sales.

Business Imitates Life

What’s good for your business is often good for your life too. If you can be trusted to follow up in your business, and that carries over into your personal life, it will strengthen your personal relationships as well as your business relationships.

When your personal relationships are healthy, it makes you happy and gives you a sense of balance.  This carries over to your business in a couple of very positive ways.

First, when your personal life is going well it gives you the freedom you need to focus on your business. It’s difficult to conduct business when your personal life is a mess.  As humans, we tend to focus on the negative.  When our lives are mostly positive we’re better able to function in all areas – business and personal.

And second, when those we have a personal relationship with know that we are someone who has integrity and does what we promise, they will be much more willing and likely to recommend us or our product to others they know if and when the opportunity arises.

Conduct yourself with integrity in your personal life and in business.  Do what you promise.  It matters.  Without integrity, you’ll be just like everyone else – broke!

To your riches!


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Why The Way You Answer The Question “What Do You Do?” Is So Important

When you are asked the question, “What do you do?”  how do you answer?  Do you tell people about your day job and casually mention your booklet?  Do you tell them you’re retired and leave it at that?  The answer you give is more important than you might think.

Are You Hiding Your Talent?

Many writers don’t tell anyone that they write.  It’s a deep, hidden secret they keep to themselves.  Perhaps it’s because most people don’t like to write and so the writer feels they wouldn’t be able to relate.

Writing is a special gift.  It’s a talent, just like dancing or singing.  It needs to be nurtured and cultivated, but if the desire is there so is the gift.

Writing is a profession you can be proud to be a part of.  The general public views writers with high esteem.  Just because someone else isn’t a writer, that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate the fact that you are.

Writer Or Author – Which One Are You?

As much as the public regards writers with high esteem, they regard authors with even more.  To be an author in our society today is to be a celebrity, even if you’re not famous.

When you tell people that you’re an author, it tells them that you’ve accomplished something great – something they could not do.  It commands respect.

Being a writer is good, but being an author is better.  Just using the word author automatically gives you more clout and credibility in most people’s eyes.

Go Ahead – You’re Entitled

Some booklet authors are afraid to use the word author because they haven’t written a full length book.  They’re concerned about giving people ‘the wrong idea’ about them or their work.

If you’ve created a booklet you are an author and you are entitled to call yourself one just as much as anyone else who has created any kind of publication.  In fact, your status as an author is in no way diminished in the eyes of the public simply because you’ve created a booklet rather than a book.  People are just as intrigued – often more so.  Everyone knows that authors write books, but you’re different.  You write booklets.  That makes people want to know more.

When you tell people you’re an author, you’re not only telling them what you do, you’re also reaffirming it to yourself.  You’re reinforcing the idea in your own mind that yes, you are an author.  The more that concept is reinforced, the more it becomes a belief for you, and the more you believe it, the more you will live it.  It becomes a part of you.  This is why your answer to the question, “What do you do?” is so important.

So, now when someone asks you what you do, how will you answer?  Will you tell them you’re retired?  Will you tell them about your day job?  Or, will you look them in the eye, holding your head high, and proudly state, “I am an author!”

To your riches,


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Author Dan Brown – His Fatal Flaw Which You Should Avoid At All Costs

Yesterday I watched an interview with author Dan Brown.  You may not know him by his name, but you’ve undoubtedly heard of his books – The Divinci Code, and Angels And Demons.  His latest title, The Lost Symbol, has just been released and is now in stores.  Fifty million copies have been printed in anticipation of record breaking sales.

While I admit to never having read one of his books (though they do sound intriguing!) and not being a fan of the author (nothing against him, I just don’t have the time), there are some things which even a non-fiction booklet author, like me and you, can learn from him.

Some of these things are good – things we might want to incorporate into our own career as a writer.  But, one of these things is not good and we should do our best to avoid that one at all costs!

A Little Background On Mr. Brown And His Work

Before he became a full time writer, Dan Brown was a college English teacher.  He had a good grasp of the mechanics of writing, punctuation and grammar.  Of course, you don’t need to be an English professor to create a booklet.  In fact, thanks to editors and writers for hire, you don’t even need to know how to write! But, it’s helpful if you do.

Mr. Brown’s father was a college math professor, and his mother was a professional musician who played sacred music.  Thus, science and religion were a part of Mr. Brown’s life from a very early age, and later influenced his work.

Although he writes fiction, Dan Brown’s books do have some basis in reality.  First, his stories were based on his own background and knowledge of science and religion.  It’s always good to begin with what you know or what you’re passionate about, and work from there.

Mr. Brown also tends to write about real places, although his characters and plots are fictional.  This makes his stories believable and credible in the minds of his readers.  As a booklet author, your work will be believable and you will be credible when you present the facts related to your subject.

Good Habits Make Good Writers

Dan Brown didn’t get to be a best selling author by wishing it would happen.  He has made a committment to his career. He is at his desk, writing, by 4:00 am every morning because he knows the very early morning hours are his most productive.  But, don’t worry.  If you’re not a morning person, you can still create a booklet. Just write during your most productive hours!

Mr. Brown also likes to solve plot challenges by wearing gravity boots and hanging upside down from his ceiling.  He said he feels this shifts his perspective.

If this doesn’t sound the least bit appealing to you, you can get the same effect by doing something else that Dan Brown does.  You can take a break every now and then to refresh your mind. Once, every hour or so, Mr. Brown does push-ups or stretches to give himself a little break from writing.  You can do this too, or you can go for a short walk, or do another relaxing activity for 15 to 20 minutes.  Then, come back to your writing and you’ll find the words flow a little easier.

Dan Brown’s Fatal Flaw

For all of his good habits and his success, there is one flaw that Dan Brown seems to have.  At least, he did on his latest work, The Lost Symbol.  That flaw is that he spent six years writing his current title because he refused to call it done until he felt it was perfect. You must avoid this fatal flaw in your own work at all costs!

Some might argue that this is good – that Mr. Brown is successful because of his careful attention to detail.  Granted, he does write novels and they take longer to write than booklets do. But, six years?  That is a long time to work on a project.  Why?  Because first of all, none of us has the guarantee of time.  We like to think we will be here tomorrow, but we really can’t be sure.

And second, that’s six years of income that Dan Brown will never see from this work. Yes, it takes time to write a novel, and yes it took him time to do his research.  Perhaps he enjoys the research part of his projects so much that it’s difficult for him to quit.  That’s understandable.  I like doing research too.  One little clue leads to another, and you find answers to questions you never even thought to ask.

When you’re creating a book (or booklet) for profit, however, it makes sense to get it done.  Every day you spend on the creation of your project is a day you are not making sales. You can market your work ahead of time, but you can’t sell it until it is finished.

Dan Brown is a rich man from his past works – The Divinci Code, and Angels And Demons.  Therefore, he can afford to spend six years on his project if he wants to.  That’s his perogative.  But, most writers don’t have that luxury.  Most writers are working at day jobs to pay their rent or mortgage and keep food on the table when really, they would much rather be writing.

Writing a booklet takes very little time.  You can start writing today and have a product to sell in just a couple of weeks – even less if you’re selling e-booklets.  And if you really want to write a novel you can do that.  But, wouldn’t it be nice to have money coming in while you’re working on your lengthier project?

To your riches,


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