Why There’s Profit In What You DON’T Write

Many companies have made their claim to fame with one product.  Starbucks is known for it’s coffee.  But, they can’t serve every possible concoction in one cup.  And, even if you only like one particular combination of coffee and add ins, one cup won’t satisfy you for life.  You will want more tomorrow. This is good for Starbucks, and if you apply the same principle to your booklets, it’s also good for you.

A booklet is a small publication.  You can’t possibly stuff every last detail about your subject inside.  But, this works to your advantage.  Just as Starbucks always leaves you wanting another cup next time, your booklet needs to leave your readers wanting more.

Pare It Down

When you create your first booklet, one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face is deciding which information to include about your subject.  At first, everything will seem important.  But, you must pare down your information to the essentials.

Chose one area of your subject to focus on and stick to it.  Your booklet doesn’t need to be the magnum opus on gardening.  Instead, choose one small area of gardening to focus on – such as how to build a greenhouse, or planting tips for growing tulips.

Make A List

Once you’ve pared down your subject to one small area, you need to decide which information is most important to include. It’s helpful at this stage to make a list of any information you deem important.  This way you’ll be able to see at a glance just which details are essential.

You might start with one list, and then divide it into two – one for information that is absolutely necessary, and one that isn’t.  Doing this ensures that the most pertinent information gets into your booklet.  Then, if you have the space, you can include some information from your non-essential list.

Fill Their Desire For More

After your first booklet is completed and selling in the marketplace, you can create another booklet about another area of your subject.  So, if your first booklet is about how to build a greenhouse, your next one might be about how to grow vegetables in a greenhouse.

Eventually, you might decide that want an entire line of gardening booklets, each one dealing with a different area of the subject of gardening.  You might have titles such as “Gardening With The Grandkids,”  “How To Grow Pumpkins,”  or “The Beginners Guide To Growing Vegetables.”

Just as Starbucks is known for its coffee, yet serves a variety of drinks, so you would be known for your gardening booklets and have a variety of titles.  The potential for growth is HUGE! And the best part is that you can grow it any way you want to, and as fast as you want to.

Always leave ’em wanting more.  When you do, you’ll have more to create and more to sell.  There’s profit in what you don’t write, because it creates a desire for more.  Few companies ever get rich from just one product.  They have one product that is their claim to fame, and then they expand on it. They create new flavors, different colors, his and hers, different sizes, new additions and new formats.  It’s partly about choice, but it’s also about filling the desire for more.

A good movie will have a sequel if it does well in the box office.  Why?  Because filling the desire for more is profitable. And it will be for you too!

To your riches!


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