Are You The Master Of Your Booklet Business Or Does It Master You?

Your booklet business is not your life.  It is the vehicle you’ve chosen to support the lifestyle you want to live.  Many authors forget this, and they treat their writing just as they would any other job.  This leads to burn out.

The whole point of creating a booklet is to be able to live the lifestyle you want by doing something you enjoy – and doing that part time so that you can take advantage of all the things your new lifestyle has to offer.

How To NOT Get What You Want

To illustrate this point, imagine you decide to create a booklet so that you can quit your day job and stay at home with your children.  But, once you are home full time, you spend all of your time writing.  You’ve got so much you want to do – so many booklets you want to write, and so many markets to reach.  You’re busy all the time with your business – creating new booklets and other products, and selling them.  What has happened?  Your booklet business has grown and become successful, but you are not living the lifestyle you left your job to create. Your children are home, but you’re too busy writing and running your business to spend time with them.

This example can apply to you whether you have small children or not.  Maybe you want to have more time to work on a hobby, or maybe you want to travel (yes, you can take your writing with you but if you spend all your time writing you won’t really “see” any of the places you visit!), or maybe you just want a bigger and better lifestyle so you can kick back and relax and spend your days any way you want to.  You’ll never have what you truly want if you spend all of your time writing and working in your business.

How To Measure Your Success

If you spend every waking moment with a “job” mentality, even though you’re doing what you love, it will be just another job for you.  It might be a much better job with better benefits and better pay, but it’s still a job.  It’s still your master.  You must be the master over your business so that it doesn’t become a job and a master over you.

No matter where you are in your booklet journey, you need to stop and ask yourself why you decided to embark on this journey in the first place.  This is your only real way to measure your success.  You might be making plenty of money, but if you aren’t living the lifestyle you wanted to create for yourself, then success has eluded you.

Go ahead and ask yourself right now what you really want.  Do you want to quit your job?  Do you want a nicer home?  Maybe you want to own a classic car, or a race horse.  Maybe you want to travel to new places and discover new things.  Or, maybe you don’t even care about material things right now.  Maybe you’d just like to get out of debt, have money to pay all your bills and still have plenty left over when you’re done to enjoy an evening out or buy something you want.

By pulling yourself out of the moment you’re in and thinking about what you really want, you can see whether you’re moving closer to your goal or getting bogged down by all the demands you’ve placed on yourself within your business.

It’s Your Choice

It’s important to measure your success often.  That’s how you will stay on track and continue to move toward your goals.  Each time you reach a goal, you’ll create a new one.  It’s a constant process.  Once you have your bills paid off you’ll want to revel in your new found freedom.  You’ll create goals that would have been impossible before, and you’ll need to constantly check to be sure you’re moving toward the new goals.

Whatever you want, you can have it.  And, your booklet business can take you there.  But, you must keep your business in perspective.  It’s wonderful to love what you do.  Most people get up in the morning and go to jobs they hate.  You don’t have to do that.  But, you must take care to master your business.  It’s not your life.  It’s just a part of your life.

You have a choice as to whether your booklet adventure will be just another job, dictating your days like a taskmaster and bogging you down with “work,” or whether it will be a fun and exciting journey that helps you to create the lifestyle you want to live.  Be the master, or be mastered.  It’s up to you!

To your riches!


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