How To Create A Booklet That Will Make You Rich

You may be inspired to write a booklet because of your love of writing, or because you’re extremely passionate about your booklet’s topic and you want to tell the world about it.  But, as good and even necessary as these reasons are, unless you only want to write as a hobby, these are secondary reasons for creating a booklet.

It’s All About The Money

Your main reason for creating a booklet should be to gain wealth.  That’s right.  If your booklet is going to elevate your lifestyle, then you need to focus on the money.

This doesn’t mean that you become a selfish, greedy monster who only cares about number one.  Unfortunately, many writers and small business owners believe that if they focus too much on profit this is what will happen.  But, profit is what keeps you in business, and it deserves your undivided attention on a daily basis.  It won’t be your only focus, but it should be your main focus.

Get Your Ego Out Of The Way

You must plan to profit from your booklet right from the start.  If you don’t plan to profit, then you won’t.  This means you need to get your ego out of the way and think about your readers.  Does that sound like a selfish, greedy monster to you?  Of course not!  It would appear selfish to your audience, however, if you wrote your booklet to please yourself and didn’t give your readers the information they need.

In order to profit from your booklet, it must be useful to your intended audience.  And if you want to profit wildly, beyond your expectations, your booklet must be vital to your audience.  This takes some thought and planning.  It means you don’t run off half cocked and slap a booklet together without giving any thought to what your readers actually want.

Ask yourself what your readers need from you.  Put yourself in their place.  If you were them, why would you buy this booklet?

Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

Giving your readers vital information they need is the main reason your booklet will sell.  But, if your booklet doesn’t appear to be a professionally created publication, it will hurt your sales.  If it looks like it was created using a home printer and put together with the help of a six year old, nobody is going to come back for more.  Worse, they might tell others to avoid you.

When you create a booklet, you’re creating a business.  That business will gain a reputation in the marketplace based, in part, on your booklet – which is your product.  If your product is lacking in any way, it’s a bad reflection on your company overall.

You must be sure that your booklet is a top quality product before you release it into your marketplace.  You want your booklet to be so relevant to their needs and so well put together that they can’t help but talk about it.

To your riches!


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