How To Build A Relationship With Your Readers So They’ll Buy From You Again And Again

Every booklet you create helps to build a relationship with your audience.  You may never meet your readers face to face, but they will come to expect a certain level of professionalism from you.  If they like your first booklet, they’ll expect your next one to be just as good.  Here’s how to build a relationship with your readers that will keep them happy and get them to buy from you over and over again.

Deliver What You Promise

Your booklets won’t sell because they look good or because the font is large and easy to read.  Your booklets will sell because they contain information that is useful to your audience.  The more vital that information is to them, the more likely they are to buy it.

Nobody expects a small booklet to be the final authority on your subject, but it should contain some information that is necessary to know.  For example, a booklet about how to do your own taxes should give people enough information, in a nutshell, so that they can actually do their own taxes themselves.  If your booklet fails to do this, people won’t buy from you again, nor will they recommend your booklet to others.  In fact, they’ll deter others from buying from you.  You must make sure your booklet delivers what you promise.

Make Sure It’s Complete

While your booklet isn’t expected to be the final authority on your subject, it should be complete.  If you remember sitting in English class when you were in school, you might remember being taught that a sentence needs to be a complete thought.  Your booklet is the same way.  It should leave the reader feeling fulfilled, like they can use what they have read, or like they have gained something from it.  Your booklet should not leave readers confused or in doubt. It should give readers enough information so that they feel like they have the basics, or like they have mastered one area of your subject.

Make It Easy To Understand And Absorb

Most people want information that is quick to absorb and easy to understand.  They aren’t looking for some complex explanation, and they don’t care about every last detail there is on your subject.  They want just enough information to take them to the next step, give them a basic introduction, or help them accomplish a single task.  Therefore, you need to keep your information simple.

Don’t use words that aren’t relevant to what you’re trying to convey, and don’t use words that are difficult to understand or complex sentences that are hard to read.  Keep your paragraphs, sentences and words short.  Your information should be easy to read and understand.

Relationship Is Everything

Following the guidelines above will help you to establish a good relationship with your readers.  That relationship is the very foundation of your booklet business.  It’s what will allow your business to grow as large as you want it to be. Businesses don’t fail because of the economy, or because of their competition, or because their logo is the wrong color.  Businesses fail because they didn’t deliver what they promised, and that tarnished their relationship with their customers.

When you buy a widget you expect that widget to work as promised.  Likewise, when you buy a “how to” book, you expect to learn “how to.”  If that widget doesn’t work, you’re disappointed.  And, if that book fails to teach you “how to,” your disappointed again, and it’s unlikely that you would give either the company that sold you the widget or the author who sold you the book a second chance.

Deliver what you promise and make sure your information is complete and easy to understand.  The riches will follow.

To your riches!


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