How To Turn Criticism Into Cash

It’s easy to feel good when someone praises your booklet.  Praise from a reader or a decision maker for a large company can do alot to brighten your day.  But, what about when someone criticizes your booklet?  Criticism is a part of life for us all, but as a booklet author it’s especially important to handle it properly.  When you do, you can literally turn criticism into cash.

Why Criticism Is Worth More Than Praise

If you have nine people who love your booklet, and one who doesn’t like it, that one person’s honesty is worth more to you than the other nine.  Why?  Because you can’t make your booklet better with praise.  Praise stagnates your work.  Praise tells you it’s fine just the way it is.  Criticism is the only thing that will tell you where you need to improve.  Therefore, when someone criticises your booklet, don’t get your feathers ruffled and walk away.  Be thankful they took the time to share with you.

Ask Then Listen

When someone criticises your work, it’s important that you get as much information from them as you can.  Ask them why they didn’t like the booklet, and how they feel it could be improved.  Sometimes their answer will be something that is simple for you to correct – such as when they feel the print is too small and should be enlarged for easier reading.  Or maybe the print is a little too light.  You thought it would be ok, but obviously it’s not.

Other times, they may tell you that they wish you had included certain information which you left out.  No matter what their response to you is, it’s vitally important that you listen to what they tell you.  This is firsthand information that will not only improve your booklet, but your bank balance as well.  Make note of everything they tell you, no matter how small the details may seem.  Then, when you go back for your next printing, make any corrections you can which will enhance your booklet and make it more desireable to your overall market.

When Not To Listen

Sometimes people will criticize for the sake of criticizing.  They’ll nit-pick your booklet to pieces, and often they’ll try to do the same to you.  They may seem angry, or come off as some type of know it all.  These people don’t have anything constructive to offer and in this case it’s best to thank them for reading your booklet and move on.

The key to turning criticism into cash is knowing which criticism to listen to.  You must filter out the comments which are irrelevant and won’t help you to make positive changes.  Consider what people tell you, even the little details, but if their goal seems to be personal rather than constructive, or if they seem to have some underlying problem which is causing them to verbally attack your booklet or yourself, those comments should be disregarded.

Criticism Is Like Gold

Truly constructive criticism is like gold for you.  It will help you improve your booklet, give you ideas for new booklets to create, and build your bank account to a nice, healthy sum.  The next time someone criticises your booklet, thank them and collect as much information from them as you can.  Then turn that criticism into cash!

To your riches!


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