How To Capitalize On Opportunity To Fatten Your Bank Account

Every author who creates a booklet does so for different reasons and from a different place.  No two authors are on the same path.  We all have different subjects we want to write about, and different goals we want to reach as a result of our efforts.  But, the question isn’t really where you want to be, but how far you want to go.

Rich Opportunities

You may begin your booklet adventure with a single goal in mind – to make money.  But, while this is the underlying reason for writing a booklet for most authors, there are many ways in which this goal can be achieved.  The way in which you decide to make money from your booklet will be a personal decision.  And sometimes, events happen along the way that you couldn’t have imagined and couldn’t have planned, which will fatten your bank account.

What are these unimagined and unplanned events?  Generally speaking, they are added opportunities for exposure of you and your booklet to your market.  These opportunities will present themselves in the form of interviews, speaking engagements, and write-ups and reviews in various publications both online and off.  All you have to do is decide to take advantage of them when they present themselves.  Just say yes and walk through that door of opportunity to collect the riches waiting for you on the other side.  Those riches include expert status, reaching a part of your market you otherwise might never have been able to reach, and making sales you otherwise could not have made, as well as still more opportunities that will present themselves as a result of taking advantage of the present opportunity.

A Whole New Career

Your booklet adventure may start out with a simple goal in mind of selling booklets, but it can advance you to an entirely new career.  When public speaking opportunities present themselves, you may find you enjoy it so much that you can no longer consider yourself as just a booklet author.  You may decide to become a public speaker on the subject of your booklets, and use your booklets as a back of the room product for additional income.  This is just one possibility of how you might spin an opportunity to take yourself in a new direction.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with remaining a booklet author first and foremost, and continuing to build your booklet business.  Your business is your business.  You can base it on a single booklet, or you can create many different booklets as well as other products to sell to your market.  You can keep it as small as you wish, such as when you just want a sideline business for extra income, or you can grow it into a large business that brings in a million or more per year.  It’s entirely up to you.

It’s Your Move

The beauty of owning a booklet business is that you can start right where you are.  You don’t need alot of experience or money.  All you need is a subject that you’re passionate about, and a strong desire to get your message out.  You can begin with a single booklet, and from that one booklet you can grow as large a business and income as you desire.  You make the decisions, you call the shots.  You decide what your next move will be.

You may start with one booklet, but the sky is the limit as far as the potential for your business, what you can achieve, and ultimately how much money you bring in.  So, how far do you want to go?  It’s your move!

To your riches!


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