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Why There’s Profit In What You DON’T Write

Many companies have made their claim to fame with one product.  Starbucks is known for it’s coffee.  But, they can’t serve every possible concoction in one cup.  And, even if you only like one particular combination of coffee and add ins, one cup won’t satisfy you for life.  You will want more tomorrow. This is good for Starbucks, and if you apply the same principle to your booklets, it’s also good for you.

A booklet is a small publication.  You can’t possibly stuff every last detail about your subject inside.  But, this works to your advantage.  Just as Starbucks always leaves you wanting another cup next time, your booklet needs to leave your readers wanting more.

Pare It Down

When you create your first booklet, one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face is deciding which information to include about your subject.  At first, everything will seem important.  But, you must pare down your information to the essentials.

Chose one area of your subject to focus on and stick to it.  Your booklet doesn’t need to be the magnum opus on gardening.  Instead, choose one small area of gardening to focus on – such as how to build a greenhouse, or planting tips for growing tulips.

Make A List

Once you’ve pared down your subject to one small area, you need to decide which information is most important to include. It’s helpful at this stage to make a list of any information you deem important.  This way you’ll be able to see at a glance just which details are essential.

You might start with one list, and then divide it into two – one for information that is absolutely necessary, and one that isn’t.  Doing this ensures that the most pertinent information gets into your booklet.  Then, if you have the space, you can include some information from your non-essential list.

Fill Their Desire For More

After your first booklet is completed and selling in the marketplace, you can create another booklet about another area of your subject.  So, if your first booklet is about how to build a greenhouse, your next one might be about how to grow vegetables in a greenhouse.

Eventually, you might decide that want an entire line of gardening booklets, each one dealing with a different area of the subject of gardening.  You might have titles such as “Gardening With The Grandkids,”  “How To Grow Pumpkins,”  or “The Beginners Guide To Growing Vegetables.”

Just as Starbucks is known for its coffee, yet serves a variety of drinks, so you would be known for your gardening booklets and have a variety of titles.  The potential for growth is HUGE! And the best part is that you can grow it any way you want to, and as fast as you want to.

Always leave ’em wanting more.  When you do, you’ll have more to create and more to sell.  There’s profit in what you don’t write, because it creates a desire for more.  Few companies ever get rich from just one product.  They have one product that is their claim to fame, and then they expand on it. They create new flavors, different colors, his and hers, different sizes, new additions and new formats.  It’s partly about choice, but it’s also about filling the desire for more.

A good movie will have a sequel if it does well in the box office.  Why?  Because filling the desire for more is profitable. And it will be for you too!

To your riches!


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Why You Should Be Charging More For Your Booklets

I’d like to begin this post with my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have subscribed to and read this blog regularly.  The membership here is growing steadily and that’s exciting because it means that more of you are discovering just how lucrative and wide open the field of booklet publishing is.  However,  It’s also very humbling.  I hope my posts will continue to inspire you!  Now, on to the post for today…..

Are you concerned about how much to charge for your booklets?  Many small business owners and  independent publishers actually under-charge for their products because they fear charging too much.  They’re afraid nobody will buy from them, especially now with the economy in such a mess.  But, you must charge something for your booklets, and preferably as much as you can get away with.  Here’s why…..

Your Reward Is Up To You

You’ve worked hard (ok, maybe not, but don’t tell your customers!) to create and produce your booklet.  You researched your topic (and if you didn’t need to because you had all the knowledge in your head already – for heaven’s sake don’t tell anyone!!!), and you spent some of your own money to see your brain child come into being (even though it was a mere pittance as compared to full length book publishing – you’d better keep that a secret too!).

The fact is, you’ve accomplished something that most people never will, and you deserve to be rewarded.  But, it’s up to you to decide how much that reward will be.  You’ve done a good job, and if you worked for someone else your reward would be a paycheck.  But, as a booklet author and business owner, you don’t have anyone handing you a paycheck.  It’s up to you to determine the amount of pay you deserve.

You Deserve To Be Reimbursed For Your Expenses

Producing booklets isn’t free.  There are costs associated with both printed booklets and e-booklets, and although those costs are quite reasonable you still have pay them.

You can’t afford to operate your business at a loss – paying more to produce your booklets than you actually bring in.  You also can’t afford to just break even.  Otherwise, what’s the point of having a business?  If you break even you’ve got a nice hobby you enjoy, but not a business.

You deserve to be reimbursed for your costs, just as you deserve to be reimbursed for your time in putting your manuscript together.  And, that doesn’t mean that you are reimbursed one dollar for every dollar you spend.  You have to take into account things which don’t show up on your receipts – such as travel time and gas.

The Public’s Perspective

The vast majority of the public are completely clueless when it comes to how much things should cost.  Have you ever watched that old tv show called The Price Is Right?  Most of the contestants didn’t even come close to guessing the actual price of the products displayed on that show.

Most people believe that a higher price reflects a better quality product.  Often people will buy a product based on a more expensive price because they think that product is better than another, lower priced one.

One example of this is a well known brand of tennis shoe that sells for more than $100.00, vs. a store brand that sells for $30.00.  In light of today’s economy you would think the majority of people would go for the cheaper shoe.  Not so.  They go for the more expensive shoe because they believe it is superior to the cheaper one.

This means that if you’re afraid to charge a little more for your booklet because you think people won’t buy from you, that thinking can actually work against you.  People tend to buy based on their own perceptions rather than actual facts.

Give Your Best And Reap The Riches

You can’t be a rich booklet author if your prices are too cheap.  You don’t want to present a cheap product.  You want to present a product that is a good value for the money you’re charging.  This means that when you charge a higher price, your market would have been willing to pay still more to acquire your booklet.  It means you’ve given your best, and you deserve the best in return.

To your riches!


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Are You The Master Of Your Booklet Business Or Does It Master You?

Your booklet business is not your life.  It is the vehicle you’ve chosen to support the lifestyle you want to live.  Many authors forget this, and they treat their writing just as they would any other job.  This leads to burn out.

The whole point of creating a booklet is to be able to live the lifestyle you want by doing something you enjoy – and doing that part time so that you can take advantage of all the things your new lifestyle has to offer.

How To NOT Get What You Want

To illustrate this point, imagine you decide to create a booklet so that you can quit your day job and stay at home with your children.  But, once you are home full time, you spend all of your time writing.  You’ve got so much you want to do – so many booklets you want to write, and so many markets to reach.  You’re busy all the time with your business – creating new booklets and other products, and selling them.  What has happened?  Your booklet business has grown and become successful, but you are not living the lifestyle you left your job to create. Your children are home, but you’re too busy writing and running your business to spend time with them.

This example can apply to you whether you have small children or not.  Maybe you want to have more time to work on a hobby, or maybe you want to travel (yes, you can take your writing with you but if you spend all your time writing you won’t really “see” any of the places you visit!), or maybe you just want a bigger and better lifestyle so you can kick back and relax and spend your days any way you want to.  You’ll never have what you truly want if you spend all of your time writing and working in your business.

How To Measure Your Success

If you spend every waking moment with a “job” mentality, even though you’re doing what you love, it will be just another job for you.  It might be a much better job with better benefits and better pay, but it’s still a job.  It’s still your master.  You must be the master over your business so that it doesn’t become a job and a master over you.

No matter where you are in your booklet journey, you need to stop and ask yourself why you decided to embark on this journey in the first place.  This is your only real way to measure your success.  You might be making plenty of money, but if you aren’t living the lifestyle you wanted to create for yourself, then success has eluded you.

Go ahead and ask yourself right now what you really want.  Do you want to quit your job?  Do you want a nicer home?  Maybe you want to own a classic car, or a race horse.  Maybe you want to travel to new places and discover new things.  Or, maybe you don’t even care about material things right now.  Maybe you’d just like to get out of debt, have money to pay all your bills and still have plenty left over when you’re done to enjoy an evening out or buy something you want.

By pulling yourself out of the moment you’re in and thinking about what you really want, you can see whether you’re moving closer to your goal or getting bogged down by all the demands you’ve placed on yourself within your business.

It’s Your Choice

It’s important to measure your success often.  That’s how you will stay on track and continue to move toward your goals.  Each time you reach a goal, you’ll create a new one.  It’s a constant process.  Once you have your bills paid off you’ll want to revel in your new found freedom.  You’ll create goals that would have been impossible before, and you’ll need to constantly check to be sure you’re moving toward the new goals.

Whatever you want, you can have it.  And, your booklet business can take you there.  But, you must keep your business in perspective.  It’s wonderful to love what you do.  Most people get up in the morning and go to jobs they hate.  You don’t have to do that.  But, you must take care to master your business.  It’s not your life.  It’s just a part of your life.

You have a choice as to whether your booklet adventure will be just another job, dictating your days like a taskmaster and bogging you down with “work,” or whether it will be a fun and exciting journey that helps you to create the lifestyle you want to live.  Be the master, or be mastered.  It’s up to you!

To your riches!


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How To Create A Booklet That Will Make You Rich

You may be inspired to write a booklet because of your love of writing, or because you’re extremely passionate about your booklet’s topic and you want to tell the world about it.  But, as good and even necessary as these reasons are, unless you only want to write as a hobby, these are secondary reasons for creating a booklet.

It’s All About The Money

Your main reason for creating a booklet should be to gain wealth.  That’s right.  If your booklet is going to elevate your lifestyle, then you need to focus on the money.

This doesn’t mean that you become a selfish, greedy monster who only cares about number one.  Unfortunately, many writers and small business owners believe that if they focus too much on profit this is what will happen.  But, profit is what keeps you in business, and it deserves your undivided attention on a daily basis.  It won’t be your only focus, but it should be your main focus.

Get Your Ego Out Of The Way

You must plan to profit from your booklet right from the start.  If you don’t plan to profit, then you won’t.  This means you need to get your ego out of the way and think about your readers.  Does that sound like a selfish, greedy monster to you?  Of course not!  It would appear selfish to your audience, however, if you wrote your booklet to please yourself and didn’t give your readers the information they need.

In order to profit from your booklet, it must be useful to your intended audience.  And if you want to profit wildly, beyond your expectations, your booklet must be vital to your audience.  This takes some thought and planning.  It means you don’t run off half cocked and slap a booklet together without giving any thought to what your readers actually want.

Ask yourself what your readers need from you.  Put yourself in their place.  If you were them, why would you buy this booklet?

Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

Giving your readers vital information they need is the main reason your booklet will sell.  But, if your booklet doesn’t appear to be a professionally created publication, it will hurt your sales.  If it looks like it was created using a home printer and put together with the help of a six year old, nobody is going to come back for more.  Worse, they might tell others to avoid you.

When you create a booklet, you’re creating a business.  That business will gain a reputation in the marketplace based, in part, on your booklet – which is your product.  If your product is lacking in any way, it’s a bad reflection on your company overall.

You must be sure that your booklet is a top quality product before you release it into your marketplace.  You want your booklet to be so relevant to their needs and so well put together that they can’t help but talk about it.

To your riches!


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Booklets – The Easy Way To Get Into The Information Business

Everyone has inside information about something – information that others would pay to get their hands on.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top executive with degrees and awards, or a stay at home mom who has never worked a day in your life.  You possess valuable information that someone, somewhere would be willing to pay you for.

The Information Market Is Huge

Possibly the biggest industry boom that exists today is the information market.  There isn’t a single person on the planet who doesn’t need information on a daily basis.  Think about it.  From the time you get up in the morning you’re on a quest for information.  You need information about the weather, the traffic, and other things that are pertinent and personal to you.  And, it’s that personal information – which applies to an individual’s lifestyle or current situation – on which riches are made.

Why Your Information Is Unique

Your life is made up of experiences, and those experiences give you information.  That information goes into your brain and you process it, and package it up a certain way based on the outcome of your experience.  Nobody else has the exact same information you do, even if they shared the same experience with you.  They would process the information differently from the way you did.  Therefore, your information is unique and also valuable.  This is why you see so many books on the same topic.  How many diet books do we really need?  Well, all of them because there are so many different ways to go about dieting and a one size fits all book would never work.  Each one is written from a different perspective based on the author’s experience.

Start With A Booklet And Grow From There

Once you’ve determined that your information is worth something, your next move is to create an information product.  There are many different kinds of information products that you can create, but booklets are a very easy way to get started and they are also quite profitable.  They retain their value very well, and people tend to keep them and tell others about them – which helps to propel your sales forward.

Another reason booklets are such a great way to break into the info-marketing biz is that you can produce them for literally nothing.  How?  By creating an e-booklet which can be downloaded by paying customers.  E-booklets allow you to harness the internet and take advantage of all the riches it has to offer.

Of course, if e-booklets aren’t your thing, you can print hard copies of your booklets.  And, if you only print copies once they are sold it won’t cost you a dime!

Booklets are also a very versatile way to enter the information market because you can always add to them.  You can create both printed copies and e-booklet versions, add online audio or a cd, add other booklets, and so on to create a package.  You’re business can begin very small with a single booklet, and grow from there into whatever you want your product line to be.

With a booklet, you can have an idea today and literally have a completed product by this time next week.  The sooner you can get your product on the market, the sooner you can start making money.  What are you waiting for?

To your riches!


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How To Build A Relationship With Your Readers So They’ll Buy From You Again And Again

Every booklet you create helps to build a relationship with your audience.  You may never meet your readers face to face, but they will come to expect a certain level of professionalism from you.  If they like your first booklet, they’ll expect your next one to be just as good.  Here’s how to build a relationship with your readers that will keep them happy and get them to buy from you over and over again.

Deliver What You Promise

Your booklets won’t sell because they look good or because the font is large and easy to read.  Your booklets will sell because they contain information that is useful to your audience.  The more vital that information is to them, the more likely they are to buy it.

Nobody expects a small booklet to be the final authority on your subject, but it should contain some information that is necessary to know.  For example, a booklet about how to do your own taxes should give people enough information, in a nutshell, so that they can actually do their own taxes themselves.  If your booklet fails to do this, people won’t buy from you again, nor will they recommend your booklet to others.  In fact, they’ll deter others from buying from you.  You must make sure your booklet delivers what you promise.

Make Sure It’s Complete

While your booklet isn’t expected to be the final authority on your subject, it should be complete.  If you remember sitting in English class when you were in school, you might remember being taught that a sentence needs to be a complete thought.  Your booklet is the same way.  It should leave the reader feeling fulfilled, like they can use what they have read, or like they have gained something from it.  Your booklet should not leave readers confused or in doubt. It should give readers enough information so that they feel like they have the basics, or like they have mastered one area of your subject.

Make It Easy To Understand And Absorb

Most people want information that is quick to absorb and easy to understand.  They aren’t looking for some complex explanation, and they don’t care about every last detail there is on your subject.  They want just enough information to take them to the next step, give them a basic introduction, or help them accomplish a single task.  Therefore, you need to keep your information simple.

Don’t use words that aren’t relevant to what you’re trying to convey, and don’t use words that are difficult to understand or complex sentences that are hard to read.  Keep your paragraphs, sentences and words short.  Your information should be easy to read and understand.

Relationship Is Everything

Following the guidelines above will help you to establish a good relationship with your readers.  That relationship is the very foundation of your booklet business.  It’s what will allow your business to grow as large as you want it to be. Businesses don’t fail because of the economy, or because of their competition, or because their logo is the wrong color.  Businesses fail because they didn’t deliver what they promised, and that tarnished their relationship with their customers.

When you buy a widget you expect that widget to work as promised.  Likewise, when you buy a “how to” book, you expect to learn “how to.”  If that widget doesn’t work, you’re disappointed.  And, if that book fails to teach you “how to,” your disappointed again, and it’s unlikely that you would give either the company that sold you the widget or the author who sold you the book a second chance.

Deliver what you promise and make sure your information is complete and easy to understand.  The riches will follow.

To your riches!


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The Free Tool For Creating Wealth That Nobody Ever Talks About

Creative people aren’t usually the most organized.  It’s not uncommon for them to have disorganized piles of notes and papers scattered throughout their work area.  But, this won’t work for you when you’re the boss of your own booklet business.  You need to be able to stay on top of your writing projects and your customers.  If you don’t, your profits will suffer.

The Cost Of Lost Notes

Having to search for notes or information you need costs you time – time that you could be spending doing something else that will move your business forward.  And, if that information isn’t able to be found, it can cost you money.

Imagine Mr. Bigwig from XYZ corporation is calling to speak with you about your booklet.  You know you’ve spoken to Mr. Bigwig once before, but it was a while ago and your memory is a little fuzzy about what was discussed.  You made some notes during the conversation, and you really need them now that Mr. Bigwig is on the phone.  But, you don’t remember where you put them.

Not having those notes means you’re starting over from scratch.  Mr. Bigwig knows why he’s calling, but without your notes you’ve lost all the history you had with this potential large quantity buyer.  And if it becomes obvious to Mr. Bigwig that you don’t remember your last conversation with him, he may feel that you don’t deem his business important.  At the very least you could end up looking foolish or incompetent because you don’t remember details that have already been discussed.

This scenario should tell you two things:

  1. It’s important to make notes during your conversations with potential buyers.
  2. It’s important to have a place, such as a file, for those notes to go so you can always find them on a moment’s notice.

An Easy Way To Stay On Top Of Your Projects

Even if your booklet business is only a small, part time venture, you need a way to stay on top of what’s happening on a daily basis.  One way to do this that works very well is to use a bulletin board and some 3×5 cards.

Divide your bulletin board into sections and place a 3×5 card at the top of each one.  Each section will have some relevance to your specific business.  You might have a section for booklets you’re creating, and another for clients your working with, and another for promotions you’re working on.  Or you might simply have a section for work needing to done, work that you’re in the process of doing, work you’ve delegated to someone else, and work that is finished.

Once you’ve got your columns headed the way you want them, you can use 3×5 cards to write your projects on and post them in the proper section.  This way, you can quickly see at a glance what you need to do and where each project is in the creation process.

Get Organized And Be Empowered

There are many ways you can organize your booklet business so that it’s efficient for you, and contrary to popular thinking – getting organized can actually be fun.  It’s a way of making progress in your business, and it lifts your mood and elevates your mindset.  It’s both refreshing and empowering.  Organization is a tool that is free to everyone for creating wealth, but nobody ever talks about it.

Do you have some organizing ideas you would like to add?  Please add them to the comments section below!

To your riches!


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