Which Publishing Option Is Best For You?

Twenty years ago there were two ways to publish – through a traditional publishing house or on your own.  Today these two options still exist, but the self publishing option has grown dramatically in that you are no longer bound to just printing hard copies.  Today, self publishing includes online publishing.  With so many choices available to you, how can you know which option is best for your booklet?

Consider Your Market

Are you marketing to senior citizens?  If you are, then your market is mainly offline.  Although more seniors are using the internet, the vast majority still prefer printed hard copies, with large, bold print when it comes to reading.

On the flip side, if your market consists of 20 somethings, online publishing is where they’re at, and that’s where you want to be too.  This age group spends a great deal of time online and are more likely to find your booklet there.

Your market should be your first consideration when deciding where and how to publish.  It does no good to print hard copies if your market won’t buy them, nor will it benefit you to publish online if your market isn’t there.

Consider Your Budget

Printing hard copies of your booklet will not be expensive at all when compared with a book, but if you’re really short on funds and your pockets are empty, online publishing may be the right solution for you.  You won’t have to print hard copies.   If, however, you have your sights set on a fancy website for your booklet with alot of bells and whistles, you’d be better off with printed hard copies.  To keep online publishing cheap means you’ll have to keep it simple.

The Best Of Both

If your market can be reached both online and off, your best bet is to publish your booklet both online and off.  You can save money by keeping your online promotions and delivery methods simple, and by printing fewer hard copies.  When you run out of hard copies you can always print more.

The more ways people have of discovering your booklet, the more likely it is that they’ll find it.

To your riches!


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2 responses to “Which Publishing Option Is Best For You?

  1. I’ll soon be releasing my first ebook. Hopefully, the sales of which will fund the printing of an actual booklet and the making of audio CD versions.

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