Your Hidden Advantage In A Bad Economy – How To Use It And Prosper

There has never been a better time than right now to write a booklet and launch your own booklet business.  Now, you may be wondering how that can possibly be given the state of the economy.  But, the current state of the economy can actually help you to prosper rather than hinder your riches – if you know how to use it toward your advantage.

The Ongoing Quest For Information

From the time we are born, we seek information.  As small children we look to our parents and our experiences to provide information about the world around us.  Then, as we mature, we begin to seek information from peers and other sources outside our immediate family – such as teachers, television, books and magazines, and the internet.  Throughout our lives we have an ongoing quest for information.

As small children our desire for information is simple.  We wonder about the weather, nature, and our relationship to it.  When we reach our teens, we seek information that is more complex, such as how to attract the opposite sex, how to get into college, and how to find a job.  After college we may search for information on how to plan a wedding or how to buy a home.  And in our later years we may want information to help us slow down the aging process, or to help us be a better grandparent.

Same Need, Different Reasons

Just as information can be specific to our age, it can also be specific to our needs.  In a bad economy many people have the same needs across different age groups.  For example, teens, adults and seniors may all desire employment. But, each of these age groups may desire employment for different reasons.  The teen may need to save money for college, the adult may have a family to feed, and the senior may be retired but is now trying to re-enter the workforce in order to offset rising costs that their pension or government allowance doesn’t cover.  Each group has the same need – a job – but for different reasons.

What Creates Your Wealth In A Bad Economy

When the economy is bad, people look for information that is specific to their needs in the midst of the situation.  They will have all the same needs they had before the economy went sour, but some of those needs will now be more urgent.  They will also have some new needs they didn’t have before, which will also be urgent.  This urgency is what creates the power for you to attain wealth in a bad economy.  It is the hidden advantage that most authors don’t realize is there.  They miss is completely.  But you can capitalize on it.

To illustrate this point, consider the couple expecting their first child.  In any economy they will want information on child raising.  But in a bad economy they may be more desperate to raise their income to adequately care for their newborn, and perhaps start a college fund.  They may also want to buy a home for the first time, and with the economy in such a slump, they may be ready to make the move since home prices are much more attractive.  This couple’s urgent information needs might include topics such as, “How To Take Advantage Of Bad Economic Times When Buying Your First Home,” or “How To Use The Skills You Already Possess To Raise Your Income,” or “How To Start A Home Business And Make More Money Than You Did At Your Job.”  There are any number of ways you could tap into this couple’s sense of urgency regarding their needs and interests.

Urgency is what brings the riches to you in a bad economy.  It’s the hidden advantage, the ace up your sleeve, your trump card.  Your market, no matter who they are, has urgent needs for information right now because of the economy.  Never before have they felt such an urgent need to change jobs, or find a job.  Never before have they felt so anxious about the stock market and their investments.  Never before have they so desperately needed inexpensive ways to feed their families. Never before has there been a greater opportunity for YOU to write and sell your booklet!

To your riches!


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