The One Thing That Will Drive You Forward, Compel You To Promote Your Booklet, And Bring You Riches

How many times have you come up with an idea for a booklet, based on some experience you had, and then not followed through?  Or maybe you did follow through, but you found yourself less enthused about your idea after your booklet was created?  Excitement and enthusiasm are emotions of the moment.  They are not enough to carry you through from the conception of your idea to making money with your booklet.

When Excitement Is Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It’s easy to get excited about a a booklet idea when you’ve just had some kind of major life experience.  Suddenly, you know something you didn’t know before, or you see the world in a whole new light.  You realize that there are others who have shared the same kind of experience, and you want to help them, or enlighten them, or teach them with your new found information.  But don’t start writing that booklet just yet.

In this kind of situation, the best thing you can do is wait.  Why?  Because you need to make certain that this new found information is really a passion of yours and not something that you’re excited about today, but won’t really care about tomorrow.  Creating a booklet is easy, but once you do you must remain committed to it’s publication – getting it into the hands of those who need it.  This is not a difficult thing to do when you’re fired up about your subject.  But, if it is tiresome and you have no passion for it, you will have wasted time and money creating your booklet in the first place.

When It’s All About The Money

Some booklet authors don’t give much thought at all to their subject.  They are more interested in the money they can make with their booklet.  They create a booklet on a topic that they believe will appeal to the masses and slap their by-line on the cover.  Not until they begin to market their booklet do they realize the mistake they have made.

Suddenly, they are expected to be an expert in a subject they care little or nothing about, and they find it difficult to promote something they are not passionate for.  Their name is now forever attached to the subject they have chosen, and even if they change direction and create a new booklet on a completely different topic, if the first booklet has sold to even a handful of people the author will be branded for all eternity within that market.  They will be branded as an author who sold out and didn’t care about their audience within that niche.  And, they will have wasted their time and money, just as the author who rushed to create a booklet they were excited about in the moment, but lacked passion for in the long haul.  Both types of authors lose.

Getting It Right Means Getting Rich

In order to make money with your booklet you must first be passionate about your subject.  That means that you have to immerse yourself in your subject for a while before you write your manuscript.  If you have several years experience with your subject already and you wish to create your booklet, you should proceed.  You already have the passion you need.  But, if the idea just came to you this morning, you need to give it some time to develop, and give yourself some time to see how you really feel about the idea.  You need to eat, sleep and breathe your idea for at least a month or two, and perhaps longer, to be certain you won’t get bored or tired with it.

Once your booklet is created you’ll have to promote it.  The rich authors are the ones who promote their publications passionately.  They’ve got a message burning inside of them and they have to get it out to the world.  True passion never dies.  It gets more intense with time.  And it is this passion that will drive you forward, compel you to promote your booklet, and bring you riches!

To your riches,


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2 responses to “The One Thing That Will Drive You Forward, Compel You To Promote Your Booklet, And Bring You Riches

  1. Hi Kim,

    It is so true that you will always be remembered for what you have written and published, good or bad. And writing about what you are truly passionate about is important because your passion in and of it self, to some extent is contagious, and your passion invites others to see what you are passionate about. And this at least gives you an opening.

    Money should not be your only factor when you are writing a booklet, after all it is unlikely that you will make money straight away…

    But if you have the three key P’s then you have a better chance of reaching your riches. Passion, patience and persistence.

    • Absolutely! You are absolutely correct. And it is that passion that leads to patience and persistence. Without passion, you can’t have the other two.


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