Why Your Knowledge And Experience Have A Much Higher Value Than You Think

Have you put off moving forward with your booklet because you’re worried about what other people will think?  Do you feel that you haven’t done enough to be promoted as an expert on your chosen topic?  All booklet authors have these concerns at some point in their booklet journey, most often at the very beginning but sometimes these thoughts can occur long after the booklet has been created and produced.  But, the truth is that YOU and only YOU can write your booklet.  If somebody else could have done it, they would have.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

You are unique.  You have a unique perspective on the world.  Nobody else sees things quite in the same way that you do.  If you and nine other people each created a booklet on the same topic, you would have ten very different booklets when they were all completed.  Why?  Because each of you would process the same information differently.  You would each decide upon different things to include in your booklet based on your own experience.  What is relevant to one author may seem irrelevant and unimportant to another.

There is a market niche that only you can speak to.  You have common ground with them.  To them, you are the expert.

Don’t Underestimate What You Have Done

Everything you have ever done in your past has brought you to this point.  Your personal experience is unique.  That experience is made up of things you have done and how you have handled various situations in your life.  That experience is what qualifies you to write your booklet.  You may tap into your life experience for your booklet, or you may have educational experience to tap into, but either way your experience is relevant.

Everything you do in your booklet business is like a building block, and every block builds upon the next.  When you do one little thing today and another little thing tomorrow, pretty soon you’ve got alot of little building blocks that make one big building, or in this case, a booklet business.

Consider everything that has brought you to this moment.  This moment is made up of alot of little things – your past experiences, your desires, your passions.  Each of them are relevant to this moment.  The same is true for your booklet.  You have done and experienced many things that have caused you or will cause you to write it.

Go Ahead – Toot Your Own Horn

You have a right to be proud of your achievements, your experience and your credentials.  And the simple fact is if you don’t tell others about them, they’ll never know.  When someone asks you why you wrote a booklet about surviving a divorce or what makes you the expert on nutrition for seniors, tell them!  Share some of your experience or expertise with them.  In fact, you should be sharing that expertise even when they don’t ask for it!

Once you have created your booklet, you’ve done something worth talking about.  Most people will never do anything with the expertise or knowledge they possess.  In fact, they’ll downplay their own knowledge and expertise, writing it off as mostly irrelevant, while praising you for yours!  It’s just human nature.  We all tend to think that someone else is better than we are in one area or another.  And they may be.  But, you’re the one who wrote the booklet, remember?

Write your booklet.  Then, get out there and make your dream a reality.  You can do it.  Don’t underestimate the worth of your unique knowledge or experience.  It has a much higher value than you realize.

To your riches!


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