Three Things That Can Cause Your Booklet To Bomb

Part of being a successful booklet author is knowing what NOT to do.  Here are three things that can cause your booklet to bomb.

1) Poor Planning – Every successful booklet begins with a good A-Z plan.  This means that you’ve thought about the entire process of creating and selling your booklet in your mind before you commit pen to paper or type to hard drive.  Thinking the process through helps you come up with questions, and when you have questions you will need to find answers.  If you simply bolt forward with your idea before you give it some thought and some planning, you may run into problems that could have been avoided with a good, well thought out plan.

2) TMI Syndrome – TMI stands for too much information.  Some booklet authors just can’t seem to stop writing.  They constantly question whether they have enough material in their booklet, or they worry about leaving out minute details.  A booklet is just a small portion of the whole.  People don’t expect it to be an all inclusive tome on your subject.  Give the necessary or most needed information.  Give the facts.  Give the meat.  Leave out the fluff and the irrelevant details.  Fluff makes your booklet boring and boring doesn’t sell.  Hit ’em hard with the good stuff!

3) Wimping Out – When you create a booklet, you are the voice of authority on your subject.  Don’t wimp out.  Presenting too many ideas or not taking a side on an issue when it’s called for will make your writing (and ultimately you) appear weak.  Confidently show your expertise.  Tell it like it is.  Use an active voice in your writing, not a passive one, and act like the authority you are!

To your riches!


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