The Secret To Having Devoted Fans And A Fat Wallet

Do you feel like you haven’t included enough information in your booklet’s manuscript?  Or, are you concerned about how you’re going to fit all the information you have into a small booklet?  Trying to put too much information into your booklet will actually work against you in terms of sales.

What Your Audience Wants From You

A booklet isn’t meant to be the final word or authority on your subject.  It’s just a little booklet.  It’s supposed to give the reader the basics, or the facts in a simplified manner that’s quick and easy to read.  People don’t expect a booklet to give them everything there is to know about a subject.  They’re only interested in the information they need right now.  This means your audience isn’t interested in all of the information about your subject.  They’re only interested in a small fraction of it.

Are You Wasting Time On An Impossible Task?

To illustrate this point, let’s use the example of weight loss.  There are literally thousands of publications that deal with this issue, from magazines to books to booklets to websites and blogs.  Why are they all so successful?  Because no single publication can corner the weight loss market.  There’s too much information and the market is too vast.  If you were to try and write a single publication that covered everything there is to know about weight loss, that publication would have to be divided into several volumes and it would fill an entire library and then some.  You would have to write about different body types, explain metabolism, talk about diseases that interfere with weight loss, discuss how age affects the body’s ability to lose weight, write about every diet that’s ever been tried and whether it’s known to work or not, review different weight loss products, and on and on and on.  It would be an impossible task.  And the same goes for your booklet.

How To Pare It Down

Your goal for your booklet should not be to include all the information available on your subject.  Using the weight loss industry example above, if you wanted to create a booklet about weight loss you wouldn’t cover every aspect of the issue.  Each aspect is a special gem.  You would choose one, such as how age affects the body’s ability to lose weight.  And, this one gem is actually made up of several smaller crystals, each one a gem in itself.  And so, you might break this down and come up with a booklet about weight loss for those over 40, or for baby boomers, or for seniors.  And even within each of these groups there is tons of information you could discuss.  You will have to pare down the information so that the reader gets what they want, without any clutter of information they don’t want or need.  Your booklet should be a tightly written product that presents one issue, one small slice of a greater whole.

Your Rewards – Devoted Fans And A Fat Wallet

When your information in your booklet is tightly focused, it does two things.  First, it tells your readers that this booklet was written just for them.  Your booklet will be just what they need, just when they need it.  And second, it leaves room for you to create more booklets and other products about your subject.  If you were to give your audience everything they needed to know about your subject in your first booklet, they would have no reason to return to you for more.

Don’t try to pack as much information as you possibly can into your booklet.  Make your focus a narrow one.  Give valuable information, but keep it very tightly niched.  When you do, your audience with thank you for it and your wallet will grow fat!

To your riches!


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