An Easy Way To Make A Sales Pitch

Have you created more than one booklet?  Do you have a series of booklets, or several related titles?  Would you like an easy way to tell others about them?  Why not create a booklet about your booklets?

Your booklet about your booklets would be like a mini catalog.  You might have a small photo of each booklet inside, and a short write up about each one.  You could also include other information, such as comments from important reviewers or customers who have purchased from you in the past.  And of course, you’ll also want to include ordering information.

Creating a booklet of all your titles allows you to have something in hand to give to people when they ask you what you do.  It also shows people, at a glance, exactly what you have to offer.  When you meet people face to face, if you simply give them a website address, chances are they’ll never go to that website.  But, hand them a booklet and they’ll look through it – especially if your titles are of interest to them.

Haven’t written more than one booklet yet?  Scale this idea down and do a simple flyer, with all the same information you would put in your mini catalog.

Having information to hand to people allows you to tell them exactly what you want to about your booklets and your business.  Often, you’ll find you’re caught on the spot and you only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention and interest.  When you create a booklet about your booklets, or a flyer, you have the opportunity to sit down and think about what you want to say to people about how your booklet can help them and why they should buy it.

The next time you have to think fast on your feet – don’t.  Hand them a booklet or flyer instead.  They can read it at their leisure, and you’ll get to make a sales pitch instead of an elevator speech.

To your riches!


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2 responses to “An Easy Way To Make A Sales Pitch

  1. What a great idea! This gave me another idea. We’ve all heard about mastermind groups- how they help each other in keeping “up” and positive, with networking, etc. Why not form yourself a small consortium of other booklet publishers. Maybe some of you won’t have enough material to make a booklet of booklets, but the group together would. It could even give you exposure outside your normal realm of interest. You never know who might be looking for something else and then see your booklet and discover they want it too.
    If you want to keep it all to yourself, and you only have one or two booklets, why not print a version of what Amazon gives you as a preview on many of their books- Front and back cover, table of contents, and a few intro pages- maybe the first chapter. Give them just enough to set the hook so they want to buy the whole thing.

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