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What You Need To Know To Turn The Money Faucet On Full Tilt

Have you heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”  This applies to publishing in a HUGE way, and its concept is crucial to making real money with your booklet.

How Money Works

Part of gaining real wealth is understanding how money flows.  There are millions of hard working people on this planet – good, honest people who get up and go to work everyday, who are broke.  Why?  They don’t understand how money works.

Money doesn’t care who you are.  It doesn’t care whether you’re honest or evil, rich or poor, black or white, male or female.  Money has no conscience and no agenda.  It’s just a resource like water or soil.  And, like any resource, there are many different ways to access and use it.

This is what most people fail to understand.  They have a job which gives them a paycheck.  That job is one way, one channel for money to flow to them.  And for most people that’s the only way that money comes to them.  In this case, their “eggs” are their time and skills.  Their “basket” is their job.  They rely solely on that job to provide for them and their families.  Whatever the job pays them, that is how much money they have.

The Publishing Perspective

Now, let’s use the job example above and apply it to your booklet, because many authors make the same mistake that most other people make.  As an author and booklet publisher, you own a business.  And, if you treat that business the same way that most people treat their jobs, you’re not going to have the wealth that you dreamed of before you started out on your booklet adventure.  Your “eggs” are your booklets.  And, your “basket” is the methods you use for publishing and selling those booklets.  The biggest advantage you have as an author and booklet publisher is the opportunity to diversify your publishing and sales methods.  If you fail to do this your business will remain small and your wallet will remain empty.

If you write and publish a booklet for one specific market and you sell it via one specific method, you’ve got one channel for money to come to you.  And this is how many authors operate their publishing business.  To their mind, they have one product, one audience and one way of getting that product to their audience.  But, running your booklet publishing business this way will not create wealth.  It will create a small trickle of money that flows to you – a little here, a little there – like a leaky faucet that drips a little at a time.  What you want is for that faucet to be turned on all the way so that the money flows out hard and continuously.

What you need to do is sit down and have a good brainstorming session.  You must come up with ways to diversify your booklet’s format and your sales methods.

Look Deeper

There are two basic ways to sell booklets – online and off.  But, you need to look beyond the basics.  An author who wants to sell their booklet online may only offer that booklet in a PDF format.  This author is missing out on the riches that they could be receiving if they also offered their booklet in RTF, LRF, PDB, Plain Text, HTML, and other publishing formats.  If they just looked a little deeper, they would discover that there are many other “baskets” to put their “eggs” into.  These publishing formats will create opportunities for sales that the author would not have had otherwise.

When you look at your own booklet business, look deeper.  Don’t think of your business as simply one booklet being sold one way.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Diversify.  Create different methods for publishing your booklet and making sales.  Turn that faucet on full tilt!

To your riches!


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Which Publishing Option Is Best For You?

Twenty years ago there were two ways to publish – through a traditional publishing house or on your own.  Today these two options still exist, but the self publishing option has grown dramatically in that you are no longer bound to just printing hard copies.  Today, self publishing includes online publishing.  With so many choices available to you, how can you know which option is best for your booklet?

Consider Your Market

Are you marketing to senior citizens?  If you are, then your market is mainly offline.  Although more seniors are using the internet, the vast majority still prefer printed hard copies, with large, bold print when it comes to reading.

On the flip side, if your market consists of 20 somethings, online publishing is where they’re at, and that’s where you want to be too.  This age group spends a great deal of time online and are more likely to find your booklet there.

Your market should be your first consideration when deciding where and how to publish.  It does no good to print hard copies if your market won’t buy them, nor will it benefit you to publish online if your market isn’t there.

Consider Your Budget

Printing hard copies of your booklet will not be expensive at all when compared with a book, but if you’re really short on funds and your pockets are empty, online publishing may be the right solution for you.  You won’t have to print hard copies.   If, however, you have your sights set on a fancy website for your booklet with alot of bells and whistles, you’d be better off with printed hard copies.  To keep online publishing cheap means you’ll have to keep it simple.

The Best Of Both

If your market can be reached both online and off, your best bet is to publish your booklet both online and off.  You can save money by keeping your online promotions and delivery methods simple, and by printing fewer hard copies.  When you run out of hard copies you can always print more.

The more ways people have of discovering your booklet, the more likely it is that they’ll find it.

To your riches!


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Your Hidden Advantage In A Bad Economy – How To Use It And Prosper

There has never been a better time than right now to write a booklet and launch your own booklet business.  Now, you may be wondering how that can possibly be given the state of the economy.  But, the current state of the economy can actually help you to prosper rather than hinder your riches – if you know how to use it toward your advantage.

The Ongoing Quest For Information

From the time we are born, we seek information.  As small children we look to our parents and our experiences to provide information about the world around us.  Then, as we mature, we begin to seek information from peers and other sources outside our immediate family – such as teachers, television, books and magazines, and the internet.  Throughout our lives we have an ongoing quest for information.

As small children our desire for information is simple.  We wonder about the weather, nature, and our relationship to it.  When we reach our teens, we seek information that is more complex, such as how to attract the opposite sex, how to get into college, and how to find a job.  After college we may search for information on how to plan a wedding or how to buy a home.  And in our later years we may want information to help us slow down the aging process, or to help us be a better grandparent.

Same Need, Different Reasons

Just as information can be specific to our age, it can also be specific to our needs.  In a bad economy many people have the same needs across different age groups.  For example, teens, adults and seniors may all desire employment. But, each of these age groups may desire employment for different reasons.  The teen may need to save money for college, the adult may have a family to feed, and the senior may be retired but is now trying to re-enter the workforce in order to offset rising costs that their pension or government allowance doesn’t cover.  Each group has the same need – a job – but for different reasons.

What Creates Your Wealth In A Bad Economy

When the economy is bad, people look for information that is specific to their needs in the midst of the situation.  They will have all the same needs they had before the economy went sour, but some of those needs will now be more urgent.  They will also have some new needs they didn’t have before, which will also be urgent.  This urgency is what creates the power for you to attain wealth in a bad economy.  It is the hidden advantage that most authors don’t realize is there.  They miss is completely.  But you can capitalize on it.

To illustrate this point, consider the couple expecting their first child.  In any economy they will want information on child raising.  But in a bad economy they may be more desperate to raise their income to adequately care for their newborn, and perhaps start a college fund.  They may also want to buy a home for the first time, and with the economy in such a slump, they may be ready to make the move since home prices are much more attractive.  This couple’s urgent information needs might include topics such as, “How To Take Advantage Of Bad Economic Times When Buying Your First Home,” or “How To Use The Skills You Already Possess To Raise Your Income,” or “How To Start A Home Business And Make More Money Than You Did At Your Job.”  There are any number of ways you could tap into this couple’s sense of urgency regarding their needs and interests.

Urgency is what brings the riches to you in a bad economy.  It’s the hidden advantage, the ace up your sleeve, your trump card.  Your market, no matter who they are, has urgent needs for information right now because of the economy.  Never before have they felt such an urgent need to change jobs, or find a job.  Never before have they felt so anxious about the stock market and their investments.  Never before have they so desperately needed inexpensive ways to feed their families. Never before has there been a greater opportunity for YOU to write and sell your booklet!

To your riches!


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The “KISS” Principle For Booklet Authors

Booklet writing is all about getting your message out to your market in a fast and efficient manner.  It is fast and efficient for you, and fast and efficient for your readers.  A booklet is not a mini book.  It is not written like a book, and it doesn’t have the volume that a book contains.

The KISS Principle Re-Explained

When you create a booklet, you want to keep it short and simple.  This is the “KISS” principle for booklet authors.  Your booklet should be a short work unto itself, able to stand alone.  It must convey a clear, tightly focused message.  It should not give every last detail – only the most important ones.  And your booklet should be simple to understand, as well as simple in design.

Keep It Short

Sometimes it is difficult for authors to keep it short.  They have so much they want to say.  But, in the case of booklets, you must discipline yourself to be brief.  Brevity is a major selling factor of booklets.  It is what sets them apart from books.  If you could get the information you needed by reading 20 pages, would you really want to read 200?

Keeping your booklet short, however, applies to more than just the number of pages.  You also want to keep your paragraphs short.  Because, generally speaking, a booklet has a smaller page size than a book, the longer paragraphs you find in a book will overwhelm the pages of your booklet.  In fact, a paragraph from a single page in a book could take up more than one page of your booklet.  Therefore you must consider the space you have in your booklet and create your paragraphs accordingly.

Keeping it short also applies to your sentences and your words.  Short sentences are easier to read, and this makes your booklet both a fast and efficient read for your audience.  The same applies to your words.  If you’re using alot of big, complex words, you’ll probably lose most of your audience.  They won’t understand what you’re trying to tell them and this means they won’t buy from you again.

Why Simple Is Better

Short and simple go hand in hand.  By keeping your booklet’s length, paragraph, sentences and words short, you’re automatically keeping it simple.  But, simplicity goes beyond the length and grammar of your booklet.  You also want to keep your booklet’s design and construction simple.  That’s not to say you can’t have color or glossy pages if you want them, or that your booklet has to have some kind of plain Jane look to it.  But, it does mean that your booklet has a simplicity to it that makes it easy for people to understand it’s concept.  They know from looking at it what it is, and they don’t expect anything in depth or complex.

A simple design means an uncluttered cover with a clear title.  It means the colors on the cover don’t clash and are appropriate for your subject.  It means your design is eye appealing, not eye assaulting.

Remember the “KISS” principle when you create your next booklet.  When you do, your booklet will be created and on the market fast, and your audience will be excited to have such good information at their fingertips.

To your riches!


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Need A Topic To Write About? Here’s A Great Idea Booster

Have you been searching for the perfect topic to write about for your booklet?  Ultimately, you should write about something that you are passionate about.  But, sometimes you will find yourself questioning your passions.  That’s when you need a little help.

A Great Idea Booster

Here’s a little idea booster to help you come up with some great ideas to contemplate.  It’s simply this – watch the headlines.  When you’re online and you go to Yahoo, notice the news headlines.  Or, if you’re offline and standing in line at the grocery store, look at the headlines on the front of the major magazines. By watching the headlines you’ll not only spark some ideas for your own writing, but you’ll also get a good idea of what the public is interested in.

Make It Specific

Of course, you don’t want to write about just any topic, even if it is a major headline with a large publication.  You still need to consider your own passion and experience and how it relates to that headline.  And a great way to use the headline tool for your passion is to target the headlines you read.  For example, if you’re passionate about traveling, you should watch the headlines on travel magazines and related websites.  If travel is your thing, it won’t do you much good to watch the sports headlines.

Putting The Specific And The General Together

Being aware of headlines, both specific to your passion and in general, will ignite your thinking and spark some ideas.  The targeted headlines will give you ideas for writing about your passion.  The general headlines will tell you what the public is interested in.  When you put the two together you’ve got the formula for a successful booklet – one that both you and the public can be passionate about!

To your riches!


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The One Thing That Will Drive You Forward, Compel You To Promote Your Booklet, And Bring You Riches

How many times have you come up with an idea for a booklet, based on some experience you had, and then not followed through?  Or maybe you did follow through, but you found yourself less enthused about your idea after your booklet was created?  Excitement and enthusiasm are emotions of the moment.  They are not enough to carry you through from the conception of your idea to making money with your booklet.

When Excitement Is Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It’s easy to get excited about a a booklet idea when you’ve just had some kind of major life experience.  Suddenly, you know something you didn’t know before, or you see the world in a whole new light.  You realize that there are others who have shared the same kind of experience, and you want to help them, or enlighten them, or teach them with your new found information.  But don’t start writing that booklet just yet.

In this kind of situation, the best thing you can do is wait.  Why?  Because you need to make certain that this new found information is really a passion of yours and not something that you’re excited about today, but won’t really care about tomorrow.  Creating a booklet is easy, but once you do you must remain committed to it’s publication – getting it into the hands of those who need it.  This is not a difficult thing to do when you’re fired up about your subject.  But, if it is tiresome and you have no passion for it, you will have wasted time and money creating your booklet in the first place.

When It’s All About The Money

Some booklet authors don’t give much thought at all to their subject.  They are more interested in the money they can make with their booklet.  They create a booklet on a topic that they believe will appeal to the masses and slap their by-line on the cover.  Not until they begin to market their booklet do they realize the mistake they have made.

Suddenly, they are expected to be an expert in a subject they care little or nothing about, and they find it difficult to promote something they are not passionate for.  Their name is now forever attached to the subject they have chosen, and even if they change direction and create a new booklet on a completely different topic, if the first booklet has sold to even a handful of people the author will be branded for all eternity within that market.  They will be branded as an author who sold out and didn’t care about their audience within that niche.  And, they will have wasted their time and money, just as the author who rushed to create a booklet they were excited about in the moment, but lacked passion for in the long haul.  Both types of authors lose.

Getting It Right Means Getting Rich

In order to make money with your booklet you must first be passionate about your subject.  That means that you have to immerse yourself in your subject for a while before you write your manuscript.  If you have several years experience with your subject already and you wish to create your booklet, you should proceed.  You already have the passion you need.  But, if the idea just came to you this morning, you need to give it some time to develop, and give yourself some time to see how you really feel about the idea.  You need to eat, sleep and breathe your idea for at least a month or two, and perhaps longer, to be certain you won’t get bored or tired with it.

Once your booklet is created you’ll have to promote it.  The rich authors are the ones who promote their publications passionately.  They’ve got a message burning inside of them and they have to get it out to the world.  True passion never dies.  It gets more intense with time.  And it is this passion that will drive you forward, compel you to promote your booklet, and bring you riches!

To your riches,


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Cd’s And Podcasts – A Faster Way To Get To Market

Are you someone who doesn’t like to write?  Or maybe, in spite of how quickly you can put a booklet together, you are looking for an even faster way to get your information on the market.  If that’s the case, an audio booklet – a cd or podcast, might just be the solution for you!

Cd’s And Podcasts

If you can talk into a telephone, you can create a cd or podcast.  And within about an hour’s time, you can have a recording that is ready for duplication and publication.  There’s no faster way to get your information on the market.

Some people actually prefer cd’s and/or podcasts to a printed booklet.  It’s easy to listen to a cd when you’re driving, or a podcast when you’re out for your early morning jog.  Cd’s and podcasts lend themselves well to our busy lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Cd’s

One of the biggest benefits of having your information on Cd as opposed to only in a booklet is that you can charge more for the Cd, even though it will cost you virtually nothing to produce.  And, if you have a printed hard copy in booklet form, you can package the two together and sell them at an even higher price.

Another advantage of having your information on Cd is that it gives your customers or clients another option for getting your information.  It’s nice to have a choice.  And, if you find that your Cd’s far outsell your printed booklets, you can always let the booklet go out of print and only sell the information in Cd format.

Podcast Pros and Cons

Podcasts don’t provide the same advantages that a Cd does.  Podcasts are downloaded online, and therefore are usually offered at a much lower price or for free.  But, podcasts have their place too.  Some people would rather buy a podcast than a Cd or booklet, because they can put the podcast directly into their player and they don’t have to carry a Cd around with them.  They may also be attracted to the lower price of the podcast.

Not all booklets lend themselves to the audio format.  For example, if your booklet contains recipes it should be printed as a booklet.  But, if your information can be related and understood verbally, then the Cd or podcast format might be an option for you.

The Best Way To Offer Your Information

If possible, the best way to offer your information is in all three formats.  This gives your customers or clients more choices and increases your chance of a sale.  But, if you don’t like to write or your don’t have the money to produce hard copies, an audio format will allow you to publish your information and get it on the market fast.

To your riches!


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