Do You Want A Business That Produces A Solid Income Or Would You Rather See A Movie?

One evening, while browsing at my local bookstore, I read something I thought was very profound.  It read something to the effect of, “If your house and car are a mess, your finances are probably a mess too.”  What the author was saying was that if you lack discipline in one area of your life, you probably lack it in others as well –  including and ultimately effecting your finances.

Starbucks And Other Non-Necessities

Being disciplined with your finances is extremely important if you want a better, more secure future.  I can’t speak for other countries, but here in America we are pretty sloppy with our money.  You might be the exception to the rule, but just in case you’re not, here is an example for you to consider.

I’ll use myself as an example since I am not immune to throwing money away on things I don’t need – like Starbucks.  I love Starbucks.  There’s nothing like an iced tea or an iced Americano on a hot day.  And, if I’m out with one or all of my children, I enjoy treating them.  It’s fun and it makes me feel good to give them something they enjoy.  I usually spend about two dollars on my own drink, and depending on how many of my children are with me and whether I just buy drinks or go all out and buy snacks too, I could spend as much as $16.00 or more per visit.  If you consider that I probably visit Starbucks 2 – 3 times per week, that adds up quickly.  In fact, I have spent about $35.00 at Starbucks over the past week.  If I spend that much every week, in a month’s time I will have spent $140.00!

Maybe you can relate to my love of Starbucks, or maybe it’s something else for you.  Maybe it’s betting and gambling, or maybe it’s dining out several times per week instead of eating at home, or dining in restaurants for lunch instead of packing one to take to work.

The point is there are ways you can cut back and save, and you should.  Does that mean I’ll stop visiting Starbucks?  No.  But, I won’t visit as often and I’ll keep better track of how much I spend there.  I might designate one day per week to visit Starbucks and put a limit on the amount I spend per visit.

Investing In A Sure ThingYou

Can you now see an area of your own life where you’re spending money that you don’t need to spend?  Many people have told me they want to write a booklet, but in spite of how little it costs to produce a booklet they tell me they can’t afford it.  Yet, these same people will throw money away on non-necessities such as eating out, seeing the latest movie, spur of the moment weekend trips, and yes, even Starbucks.  And they’re not just doing these things once in a while.  They’re doing them daily or several times per week.

You can afford to write and produce a booklet.  You just need to get your priorities in order.  Save the money from all the unnecessary purchases you make – like 4th of July fireworks – and put that money toward your booklet project.  Think of the benefit you’ll gain from that.  Instead of blowing your money on something that is a thrill for the moment, you can invest it in your booklet and create a business that will bring you more money and make your future more secure.

Investors today are worried about their money.  They wonder if this stock or that stock will fall.  You have the opportunity to invest in a sure thing – yourself and your work.  You are the one in control of your booklet business.  The money you invest into it can’t be eaten up by someone else’s bad decisions or people’s fear of investing.  You own the business and you make the decisions.  Doesn’t that seem like a good investment to you?  And it takes so little.  You don’t need to invest millions.  Just a latte here and a movie there, and maybe a dinner out or two.

The Economy Is Going To Get Worse – Are You Ready?

The economy is in a shambles.  That’s a fact.  And, by my own observations it’s not going to get any better.  In fact, it’s going to get worse.  Many people are looking for a momentary escape.  That’s why they go to movies and spend their money on the thrill of the moment.  I’m not saying you should never see a movie again or that you can’t go out to dinner once in a while.  I’m saying it all adds up so if you have dinner out and see a movie tonight, skip starbucks the rest of the week and, depending on your own personal budget, maybe don’t allow yourself another fun night until next month.  Then, take the money you would have spent on all those unnecessary things and invest it into your booklet business.

If you need money to create and produce a booklet and you’re throwing money away on things you don’t need, you have no right to complain that you don’t have the money to start your booklet business.  If you just skip those things that are not necessary and focus your attention on what you really want, you’ll find that you have the money you need to get it done.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in the months ahead, you had a secure business that produced a solid income on a regular basis?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have money in the bank in case of an emergency?  You can have it.  It’s just a matter of making the choice to have it.  Do you want it, or would you rather see a movie?

To your riches!


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