The Most Important Choice You’ll Ever Make

The average American is in debt, overweight, doesn’t get enough sleep and works too hard.   The average American spends their leisure time in mindless activities such as watching TV (up to 7 hours per day!), answering email and text messaging.  The average American is constantly broke and lives paycheck to paycheck.  The average American will die without a legacy.  The average American will never write a book or booklet.  If there is anything you don’t want to be, it’s an average American.

You Don’t Have To Be An American To Be Average

No matter which country you hail from, you can relate to the plight of the average person.  There is nothing special about the average person.  They go through life, living from one day to the next, never trying to better their existence.  All they know, and all they can see is the here and now.   And the here and now has so overwhelmed them that they can’t think beyond it.  It consumes them.  This is true for the vast majority – the average person.

Being Average Is A Choice

Everyday you have a choice to make whether you realize it or not – the choice to be average or the choice to rise above that status quo.  If you are not making the choice, it is being made for you and you will live an average life.  Only by consciously making the choice to strive for something better will you be able to avoid the fate of the average person.

Why Riches Don’t Flow To The Average Person

The average person can never attain true wealth.  Why?  Because true wealth does not flow to the average.  It flows to those who want something more, who are willing to sacrifice their average lifestyle for something better.  The masses of society are not willing to do anything more than they are currently doing.  If they were, we would live in a very different world.  But, the fact is the majority are comfortable living their average lifestyle.  They don’t want to change it.  They may dream about it and wish they could, but they really don’t want to or they would.  Since the average person is not willing to strive for more, they will never have more.  They will have what they’ve always had – an average existence.

Booklets And The Status Quo Don’t Mix

When you step out and create a booklet, you’re rising above the status quo because most people will never write anything.  Most people will say they want to write a booklet or book or article, but they’ll make every excuse they can for not getting it done.  They just can’t find the time to do it because they’re too busy.

If writing a booklet, reaping the riches from it, and having a better lifestyle is something you truly desire to do, you must make the choice to rise above your average lifestyle and do what needs to be done to have something more than you have.  You must be willing to see your project through to the end, and if a problem arises you must be willing to meet it head on rather than making excuses and quitting.  You know the old saying – quitters never win, and winners never quit.  It’s true.  The only difference between the average person and the quitter is that the average person never starts, so they have nothing to quit.

In order to be a successful booklet author you must be willing to give up the status quo.  An author’s success and the status quo never mix.  In fact, the status quo will never mix with excellence in any endeavor.

You have a choice before you now.  The only question is will you choose to remain average or will you step out of the status quo?

To your riches!


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