Are Your Chances For Sales Over Before You Begin?

Are you worried that people won’t buy your booklet because they’re pinching pennies or they don’t have the money?  While this may be true for a very small portion of the population, and it might even be congruent with your own situation, you need to get out of that way of thinking or your chance for sales is over before you even begin.

Every Market Is A Mixed Bag

Every market presents a mixed bag of opportunity for you.  There will always be some within your market who can’t or won’t buy from you.  That’s a fact.  Sometimes the issue is money, in which case these people may buy from you at a later time when they can afford to.  Other times, the issue is a matter of priority – as in your booklet just doesn’t meet their needs right now – or it may be a matter of superiority – such as when your contact at a particular business is interested, but their boss is not.  Since you have no control over these situations, it’s best to move on.

Why Those Who Can’t Buy Often Buy Anyway

But, sometimes those who really can’t afford to buy from you do.  Have you ever looked at how the general population spends their money?  For example, in the U.S. the entire population spends more than 600 million dollars every year on fireworks.  Fireworks!  Talk about a frivolous expense!  These people are probably spending a minimum of about $200.00 each, and a vast majority of them will spend even more.  Why spend that kind of money when you could take the family to the local city’s or town’s display for free and see much bigger and better fireworks?  These people may as well light a couple of hundred dollar bills on fire.  But, there is a reason they do it.  It’s called the fun factor.  They buy the fireworks because they’re fun.  They make the children happy, and it gives the parents a sense of pride to be able to buy them and provide a little fun for the kids.

The same can be said for other things that people spend money on, which are of no lasting value.  Things like rides at the fair, candy (which is a thrill for the moment but does more harm than good and has no lasting nutritional value), and the pet rock (remember those?).  The truth is, people spend money on things of the moment, as well as things they don’t really need (Oprah’s 400+ pairs of shoes for example – does she really need another pair?  She only has two feet!).  People will spend money on impulse, especially if they’re buying for their children, grandchildren or if they’re on vacation.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned with those who don’t appear to have the money to buy from you.  They’re buying plenty of other things they don’t need, so who is to say they won’t buy from you?  What you have to offer them is something of great value to them.  And if they don’t buy today, they may just buy tomorrow.

The Other Side Of The Scale

On the opposite side of the scale are those who have real wealth.  These are the people who make impulse purchases in the thousands of dollars and think nothing of it.  They have the best of everything, and can afford to buy what they want on a whim.  These people are not the majority.  They are a very tiny minority.  But, they’re sprinkled throughout every market.  They may be corporate presidents,  inheritants of a fortune, entrepreneurs who made it big, or they may be the spouse who married into the money.  These people are out there, and they need your booklet too.  Money doesn’t make them impervious to problems.

Those Between The Extremes

Between the haves and the have nots is the majority.  These are the have somes.  They make up the largest share of every market.  These people will make up the largest portion of your customer base.  They’re not rich, but they have money to spend.  They may spend wisely or they may spend foolishly, but spend they do.

The truth is that you shouldn’t be concerned with people not buying from you because you don’t know what you don’t know.  And what you don’t know is just who will buy and who won’t.  There are plenty of companies who stake their very existence on the foolish spending of consumers.  How much more do you have to offer your market than they do?  You’re not selling trinkets that have no lasting value.  You’re offering information to your market that people want or need.

It’s time to change your thinking and move forward boldly.  When you do, you’ll make sales to the haves, the have nots and the have somes.  You won’t make sales to everyone, but when you offer your booklet to everyone you’ll make sales across the board – and the riches will flow!

To your riches!


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