How To Create Goals That Will Make You Rich

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else?”  This is especially true for you as an author and as a booklet business owner.   You must know where you’re going or you’ll end up somewhere else.  In other words, you must know what it is you’re trying to achieve, or you’ll miss the mark.  And how can you know what you’re trying to achieve?  By determining what you want and setting goals.

Without Goals You’re Shooting In The Dark

Without goals you have nothing to aim for.  You may be making your best effort and giving it all you’ve got, but you’re shooting in the dark at a target that not only can’t you see, but you aren’t even sure what the target is or whether there is even one at all.

When you decide to write a booklet, you may choose your topic and get the booklet done, but these are short term goals which are easy to reach.  You need long term goals to strive for, and once you reach them you need to create new goals which are even loftier than the first ones.  This not only keeps you going and keeps you motivated, but it gives you ever higher rewards for your efforts.

How To Create A Goal

Unlike most things you create, goals are not created from the beginning.  They are created from the outcome you want at the end.  In order to create a goal, you must think about the outcome you desire from your efforts.  The outcome doesn’t need to be a single thing, such as a particular dollar amount you wish to make in income.  The outcome should actually be a list of things you would like to achieve, such as an income amount, number of copies sold, number of quantity deals made, and so on.  Once you know what you would like to achieve and you have that goal in your mind, you can then begin to work backwards to see how to get there.

Why Goals Are Like Balloons

Every goal you create must have a deadline.  Without deadlines, goals are just wishes.  It’s too easy to put things off that will help you achieve your goals if you don’t give them a deadline.  Without deadlines, it’s as if your goals are floating in the air like balloons that are visible but out of reach.  A deadline is like the anchor that tethers the balloon so that it won’t float away.  It brings the balloon into reach.  This is what deadlines do for your goals.  They give you a time-frame in which to complete your goal.  In essence, deadlines give you a goal for reaching your goal.  Therefore, you should make sure that your deadlines are realistic ones.  If you get to your deadline and you need a little more time, you can always extend it an create a new deadline, but you should do your best to reach your first deadline every time.

Creating Goals To Make You Rich

Once you reach a goal, you need to set a new one that is even higher than the first one.  For example, if one of your goals was to make $50,000 in income, set your new goal for $100,000 once your first goal is reached.  Reaching your second goal will be easier than it was reaching your first one because you know how to achieve that goal.  You’re experienced.

Setting new, higher goals will help you to continually raise the bar and perform to ever higher standards, which in turn will bring you more and more riches – both monetary and non-monetary.  So many people who own businesses reach a certain level and then they stop making goals.  They stagnate.  There is no reason to ever stop making goals.  Your business can continue to grow infinitely.

Set your goals.  Give them deadline.  Achieve your goals.  Set new, higher goals.  Do this continually and you’ll reap riches far beyond what you ever could have dreamed!

To your riches,


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