Ten Key Decisions That Unlock The Door To Unlimited Profits For Booklet Authors

When you write and self publish a booklet, you don’t just become an author.  You become a business owner.  And owning a booklet business means owning a business with unlimited profit potential.  Why?  Because you are the one who makes all the decisions.  Here are the seven key decisions that you will make as the owner of a booklet business which will determine your financial future.

1)  You decide what to write. You have the opportunity to choose any topic you wish.  Nobody is dictating what you must write.  This gives you the freedom to write about something you are passionate about.  It also gives you the freedom to choose a topic that will be well received in the market place, and therefore very profitable for you.

2)  You decide when to write. You can write when it is convenient for you.  If you’re working a regular job, you don’t have to quit while you’re writing your first booklet and building your business.  If you have small children, you can write while they nap in the afternoon, or in the evening after they have gone to bed.  You write when you want to or when you can.  You are able to write when you are motivated, and when you have the time or the house is quiet.  This allows you to work on building your profit around the everyday hassles of life.

3)  You decide how much to write. Will yours be a shorter booklet of 16 pages or a longer booklet of 24?  Will you write one booklet only, or will you publish a series?  Or perhaps you will write many booklets on many different subjects, or create several different series of booklets.  You are completely in charge of how much to write, and how many booklets you want to create.  The more you create, the more potential profit you will bring in.

4)  You decide when to publish. Is there a special holiday that coincides with your booklet?  You can publish your booklet a month or two in advance of the holiday, when people are thinking about it and therefore more apt to purchase your booklet.  Do you need to publish and get to market fast?  You can decide to publish just as soon as your manuscript is finished.  It’s all up to you – and the soon you publish the sooner you can begin making money.

5)  You decide how to publish. Will you publish hard copies or will your booklet only be available as a download online?  Or maybe you would like to do both.  As the owner of a booklet business, it’s completely up to you.  It’s your decision and you can base it on your marketplace and your budget.

6)  You decide how much to charge. One of the biggest problems with using a traditional publishing house is that they control the amount of profit you can make.  They decide what to charge and how much of the profit will go to you.  But, not when you have your own booklet business!  You are the one in control of the pricing and how much per booklet you will earn.  The more you charge, the more you earn, and the more unlimited your profits become.

7)  You decide who to sell to. Do you want to sell to large companies?  Small businesses?  Individuals?  It’s all up to you.  You have the power to make large quantity sales, or to sell to thousands or even millions of individuals.  Want to do it all?  You can do that too!   Having the freedom to sell to everyone within your marketplace gives you unlimited profit potential.

8)  You decide how your booklets will be sold. Will you sell by mail?  Online?  Through a catalog or website?  By word of mouth?  By request only?  By invitation only?  Through an organization that is linked with the subject of your booklet?  There are many ways to sell booklets, and the more ways you sell the more unlimited your profits will be.

9)  You decide whether to create additional products. Do you want to stay in the booklet business and only sell booklets, or do you want to expand your business into other areas and sell other products?  There is no right answer, there is only the right answer for you.  For some, selling booklets is all they want to do.  There is unlimited profit in that alone because the more you sell the more you make.  For others, they might want to add other products to their booklets, or add other products to their business which stand on their own.  That’s fine too.  The more products you have to sell the more unlimited your profits will be.  Booklets are a product unto themselves, but you can add other products to your business at any time.

10)  You decide which markets you will serve. With a booklet business, you are in control of not only which markets you will serve, but also how many.  If you have a booklet about how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, you can choose to market only to people who have filed for but are not yet divorced, or to people who have filed for a certificate of marriage, or to newly-weds, or to couples who have been married for at least 10 years, or to gay couples, or to couples with children.  You can start with one market and then branch out, or if your first market is especially profitable, you might decide to stick with that particular niche.  Being able to make your own decisions about which markets you will serve means being able to increase your profits because you don’t have to serve unprofitable markets.  You have the potential for unlimited profit because you can serve as many profitable markets as you choose to.

When you own a booklet business, you determine your own profit.  Are you ready to get started?

To your riches!


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