The Worse The Economy Gets, The Better Off Booklet Authors Will Be

I heard on my local news today that the economy may be leveling out and getting ready to turn around.  Have you heard this too?  Do you believe it?  Not me.  I’m not fooled for minute.  I believe we are simply in the eye of the storm, and when the back half hits us it’s going to hit hard.  And when I say “us” I don’t just mean the U.S.  I mean the globe.  If I’m wrong, great.  No worries.  But, what if I’m right?

I’m not sure who it was that coined the phrase, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst,” but I would say that is very good advice in light of our current economic situation.   Great, you say, but what does this have to do with booklets?  And here is the answer to that question.

As a writer and author, you have the opportunity to provide something that others are willing to pay for in any economic climate – information.  In fact, the worse the economy gets, the better off booklet authors will be.  Why?  There are two main reasons.

Booklets Cost Less And Save Time

First, booklets are generally less expensive to purchase than books.  This applies across the board to large quantity sales, small quantity sales, and single sales.  When people are pinching pennies, they’re going to want to find ways to get what they need or want for less.  A booklet provides them with the opportunity to get the information they need for less than they would pay for a book.

Booklets also save people time.  It is rare that anyone reads an entire book anymore.  Studies have shown that most people don’t read books, and of those who do most never get beyond the first chapter.  People are just too busy to sit down and read.  They’ve also been conditioned by our instant society to want everything right now.  Your booklet can satisfy their need for fast information.

Information Is Always A Best Seller

The second reason people will buy booklets in tough times is because people will always need information no matter what the economy does.  People will continue to get married, change jobs, lose jobs, have babies, buy new things such as homes or cars or computers, make repairs to things, and so on.  If your booklet provides useful information to someone, it will sell regardless of what happens with the economy.

Of course, you’ll need to understand something of the trend in your market to be able to fill the need for information.  You don’t want to write about something that people really don’t care about.   For example, a booklet on hair care may not grab attention during hard times, but you could come at this subject from a variety of angles so that people would not be able to whip out their wallets fast enough to buy it from you.  How about a booklet that tells women how to have fabulous hair on a frugal budget?  Or a booklet that tells people who have had chemo therapy how to find the perfect wig?  People still get cancer in a bad economy, and this little booklet might just bring a smile to someone’s face.  Or, what about a booklet that tells how to give your family haircuts at home?  You see, it’s not as much the information itself, as it is the direction you take it.

How To Be Prepared For The Worst

So, getting back to hoping for the best and being prepared for the worst, how does that really apply to you as an author?  To be prepared in this case means that you have a way to bring in an income, and a booklet is a great way to do that.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be prepared for the possibility of an economic collapse the likes of which we’ve never seen before.  You’ll have something of value that people will want, and that will get you through the rough spots.  And should the economy turn around and the economic collapse be avoided, having your booklet on the market will be all the better for you!  Either way, it’s good to be prepared!

To your riches!


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