The Top Five Reasons They’ll Buy Your Booklet

There is one question people will ask themselves before they will even consider buying your booklet – what’s in it for me?  If they can’t answer this question for themselves within a nanosecond, you’ve lost them.  This means you must make the benefit to them a no-brainer.

Here are the five top reasons they will want to buy your booklet.

1)  Your booklet will help them make money. Money is on everyone’s mind right now, so this is a guaranteed hot seller.  Your booklet might help people find a new job, or a second job, or show them how to start a business.  It could help them to profit in the stock market in any economy, or it might show them how to turn their trash into treasure.  Making money is a subject that never grows old, so no matter what the economy does your booklet’s sure to be a hit!

2)  Your booklet will help them save money. Everyone is pinching pennies and trying to save wherever they can.  Whether your booklet helps people save money on big purchases such as a new car, or small ones like a new toaster, or on life events such as a wedding or vacation, it will do very well.

3)  Your booklet will help them avoid doing things they don’t want to do. We all have things we don’t like doing.  If your booklet can take something mundane and make it fun, or if it can show a way to do it faster so people can move on to something they would rather do, your booklet will be welcomed in the market place.  Better yet, if you can show people a way to eliminate the task altogether, they’ll not only buy your booklet but they’ll be sure to tell others about it.

4)  Your booklet will help them to be able to do something they want to do. Everyone has something they would like to be able to do, but they have some kind of obstacle in their way.  That obstacle could be time, money, a lack of skill or a lack of knowledge.  If your booklet can help them get past that roadblock, they’ll be more than happy to ante up.

5)  Your booklet will help them live a better life. If your booklet can enhance the quality of someone’s life, they’ll be glad to open their wallet.  This covers a multitude of areas from having a better marriage to communicating with teenagers to moving into a dream home.

Did you notice that each reason began with “Your booklet will help them….?”  That’s the key to riches with booklets.  If your booklet doesn’t help anyone, why would they buy it?

To your riches,


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