How To Find Material From Which To Write Your Booklet

Do you want to write a booklet, but you’re concerned that there isn’t enough material for you to research from which to write it?  The best way to write a booklet is to glean from the knowledge you already possess.  But, when you don’t possess enough knowledge to create your booklet or you need additional information, you will need to reference outside sources.  Fortunately, today this is easy to do.  Here are three ways you can get the information you need.

The Internet

Today, we have at our disposal more information than we will ever need or be able to use.  The internet is a valid resource for doing research, as long as the information you get from it is credible.  One problem with doing research online is that anyone can post anything, anywhere at anytime.  People are full of opinions and agendas, and you must be certain that the information you use in your research fits with your agenda for your booklet.  You also want to be sure that the information you are looking at or reading is true.   If it isn’t, you’ll be seen as a fraud and you’ll lose credibility with your market.

The Library

Your local library probably has plenty of books on your subject or a closely related one.  Books tend to be more credible than information found online, although anyone today can easily write and publish a book.  Once again, you must be sure that the content you read fits your booklet’s agenda and that the information is from a credible source and it is true.

Aside from your local library, there are also special libraries, such as college and university libraries, and medical libraries, where you can find the information you need.

The Expert

Another way you can get information is by talking to an expert.  This can be something formal where you pay the expert for their time, or it can be informal, such as when the expert is a friend and you meet for coffee or lunch (and yes, you should pick up the tab!).

As expert who deals with your subject every day or on a frequent basis will be very knowledgeable and will be able to give you special insight that you may not find online or in a book.  There is a big difference between reading about something and actually experiencing it.  If you haven’t had the experience from which to write about your subject, finding an expert who has will be very valuable to you.  Not only can they give you information, but they can also point you to other resources that might be helpful to you.

There are many resources you can use to find the information you need to write your booklet.   And, the more research you do, the more knowledge you will gain – making you an expert in your subject!

To your riches,


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