How To Make Your Booklet The One To Buy

Are you getting tired of hearing about the economy?  Me too!  It seems like everything we see and hear is about how bad businesses are doing, how people are afraid to spend money, how many more layoffs have occured, and on and on.  While it’s true that the economy is bad right now, most people are no longer interested in how bad it is.  They’re interested in information that will help them to get through it, or that can shed a new light on the situation and how it applies to them.

A few days ago, I came across a very interesting article in a well known magazine.  The title caught my attention, saying something about why a bad economy might be good for me.  After hearing so much dismal news, this was definitely a new twist!

I only had a few moments to skim the article, so I don’t remember much about the contents.   But, what’s really important is that they took something that is constantly on our minds, and they spun it in a new fashion.  Instead of giving their readers the same, tired, worn out news, they gave them something new to think about – something to lift their spirits.  They gave them several several reasons to be thankful during a difficult time.

This is worth keeping in mind when you write your booklets.  Don’t restate the obvious.  Find the silver lining in the dark cloud, or find the dark cloud in the silver lining.  Give a tired subject a new slant.  When you do, your work will stand out from all the rest because it will be different.  You won’t be repeating what others have already said, or what everyone already knows.  The competition will disappear, and your work will stand alone.  When there are a dozen other products created about a particular subject, and yours is the only one that takes that subject in a new direction, your product becomes the one to buy.

The riches are never in the obvious.  If it were that easy, everyone would be rich.  But, it isn’t difficult to find a new angle or refashion a subject so that it gives new information or another viewpoint.  That is where the riches are.  When you dig beyond the surface, you’ll find them!

To your riches!


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