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Do You Want A Business That Produces A Solid Income Or Would You Rather See A Movie?

One evening, while browsing at my local bookstore, I read something I thought was very profound.  It read something to the effect of, “If your house and car are a mess, your finances are probably a mess too.”  What the author was saying was that if you lack discipline in one area of your life, you probably lack it in others as well –  including and ultimately effecting your finances.

Starbucks And Other Non-Necessities

Being disciplined with your finances is extremely important if you want a better, more secure future.  I can’t speak for other countries, but here in America we are pretty sloppy with our money.  You might be the exception to the rule, but just in case you’re not, here is an example for you to consider.

I’ll use myself as an example since I am not immune to throwing money away on things I don’t need – like Starbucks.  I love Starbucks.  There’s nothing like an iced tea or an iced Americano on a hot day.  And, if I’m out with one or all of my children, I enjoy treating them.  It’s fun and it makes me feel good to give them something they enjoy.  I usually spend about two dollars on my own drink, and depending on how many of my children are with me and whether I just buy drinks or go all out and buy snacks too, I could spend as much as $16.00 or more per visit.  If you consider that I probably visit Starbucks 2 – 3 times per week, that adds up quickly.  In fact, I have spent about $35.00 at Starbucks over the past week.  If I spend that much every week, in a month’s time I will have spent $140.00!

Maybe you can relate to my love of Starbucks, or maybe it’s something else for you.  Maybe it’s betting and gambling, or maybe it’s dining out several times per week instead of eating at home, or dining in restaurants for lunch instead of packing one to take to work.

The point is there are ways you can cut back and save, and you should.  Does that mean I’ll stop visiting Starbucks?  No.  But, I won’t visit as often and I’ll keep better track of how much I spend there.  I might designate one day per week to visit Starbucks and put a limit on the amount I spend per visit.

Investing In A Sure ThingYou

Can you now see an area of your own life where you’re spending money that you don’t need to spend?  Many people have told me they want to write a booklet, but in spite of how little it costs to produce a booklet they tell me they can’t afford it.  Yet, these same people will throw money away on non-necessities such as eating out, seeing the latest movie, spur of the moment weekend trips, and yes, even Starbucks.  And they’re not just doing these things once in a while.  They’re doing them daily or several times per week.

You can afford to write and produce a booklet.  You just need to get your priorities in order.  Save the money from all the unnecessary purchases you make – like 4th of July fireworks – and put that money toward your booklet project.  Think of the benefit you’ll gain from that.  Instead of blowing your money on something that is a thrill for the moment, you can invest it in your booklet and create a business that will bring you more money and make your future more secure.

Investors today are worried about their money.  They wonder if this stock or that stock will fall.  You have the opportunity to invest in a sure thing – yourself and your work.  You are the one in control of your booklet business.  The money you invest into it can’t be eaten up by someone else’s bad decisions or people’s fear of investing.  You own the business and you make the decisions.  Doesn’t that seem like a good investment to you?  And it takes so little.  You don’t need to invest millions.  Just a latte here and a movie there, and maybe a dinner out or two.

The Economy Is Going To Get Worse – Are You Ready?

The economy is in a shambles.  That’s a fact.  And, by my own observations it’s not going to get any better.  In fact, it’s going to get worse.  Many people are looking for a momentary escape.  That’s why they go to movies and spend their money on the thrill of the moment.  I’m not saying you should never see a movie again or that you can’t go out to dinner once in a while.  I’m saying it all adds up so if you have dinner out and see a movie tonight, skip starbucks the rest of the week and, depending on your own personal budget, maybe don’t allow yourself another fun night until next month.  Then, take the money you would have spent on all those unnecessary things and invest it into your booklet business.

If you need money to create and produce a booklet and you’re throwing money away on things you don’t need, you have no right to complain that you don’t have the money to start your booklet business.  If you just skip those things that are not necessary and focus your attention on what you really want, you’ll find that you have the money you need to get it done.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in the months ahead, you had a secure business that produced a solid income on a regular basis?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have money in the bank in case of an emergency?  You can have it.  It’s just a matter of making the choice to have it.  Do you want it, or would you rather see a movie?

To your riches!


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Are Your Habits Robbing You?

All of us have them.  And whether we’re constantly aware of them or not, they shape our lives.  And while most of the population today doesn’t think about the impact they have on their destiny,  the rich have discovered how to cultivate them and use them to their advantage.  What are they?  Habits.

Why Bad Habits Are Like Thieves

We all have habits that we consider bad, such as smoking, always being late, or even procrastinating when something important needs to be done.  Why are bad habits bad?  Because they rob you of something.  Smoking robs you of your health and takes years off your life.  Constantly being late to meetings, functions and appointments robs you of respect and credibility.  And, procrastination can rob you of the best possible outcome of a situation.  In short, bad habits are like thieves that rob you of riches.  Your riches are not just monetary, though the thieving bad habits can rob you of monetary riches too.  Your riches also include your health and your time.

Good Habits Bring Riches

Bad habits are not choosy about the riches they rob from you.  They’ll rob you of all of them.  Consider smoking, for example.  It takes time to smoke a cigarette, and if you’re in a public place you will probably need to go outside to smoke.  Thus, you’re losing time as you stand outside to smoke.  Your health is also being compromised.  And finally, your wallet will also feel the pinch every time you buy another pack of cigarettes.  A single bad habit, such as smoking, can rob you of several different kinds of riches.

Good habits are the ones you want to cultivate.  Good habits bring you riches rather than robbing you of them.  Consider these good habits:  flossing, eating healthy foods, exercising, getting enough rest.  Most would agree that these are good habits to have.  These habits will keep you healthy, and when you’re healthy and feeling well you are able to focus on other areas of your life such as work and relationships.  On the other hand, when you’re not feeling well all you can think about is feeling better, and this takes your focus off of the other areas of your life.

The rich successfully cultivate good habits on a regular basis.  They get up early, exercise, eat healthy, and make it a point to get the day’s work done.  If they got up late, ate junk food and watched tv instead of getting their work done they would not be rich.  They would all be a bunch of poor slobs living paycheck to paycheck like most other people.

How To Cultivate Good Habits Like The Rich Do

Cultivating good habits is not difficult.  In fact, it’s an easy thing to do.  The first step is to decide which good habit you would like to cultivate.  To cultivate a habit means that you begin doing it, and you keep doing it until it becomes second nature to you – like breathing.

To bring this into perspective, let’s say you would like to write a booklet but you’ve been putting it off.  The habit of procrastination has been robbing you of the riches a booklet would bring to you.  You must make the decision that you won’t put if off any longer.  Creating a good habit and cultivating it begins with a decision.

Once you’ve decided to write your booklet, you must then begin to write it.  You may need to do some research first.  That’s ok.  Research is part of writing sometimes.  The point is, you’ve stopped the bad habit of procrastination and now you’re moving forward.

But, a decision isn’t a habit.  In order for this decision to lead to a habit you must make another decision.  You must decide that you will work on your booklet every day until it is finished.  After a few days of doing this and seeing progress, your habit will be set and you won’t want to break it.  You’ll be pleased with progress you’ve made and you will want to continue.

Habits Will Make Or Break Your Booklet Business

Once you’ve completed your booklet, you will have a product to sell.  The process of selling that product becomes your business.  If you don’t have good habits, you won’t have a business.  Every step in your business will require good habits.

Think of it this way.  Remember when you were in school?  In order to graduate you had to cultivate some good habits.  Those habits included showing up on time, studying, and turning your completed work in on time.  You might also have cultivated the habit of asking questions.  Without these habits, you would not have graduated to the next level.  You would have been held back because you did not complete the requirements to move forward.

Business works the same way.  And, because a booklet business is your own business, you won’t have anyone telling you what to do and when to do it.  Therefore, you must be even more diligent about developing and cultivating good habits.

You can do it.  Start by making a list, mentally or written, of all the habits holding you back from what you want.  Resolve to replace those habits with good habits that will get you moving forward.  Then, implement your new habits and stick to them.  It may take a little time, but soon you’ll see real progress and the riches will begin to flow to you as a result.

Cultivate the habits of the rich and be rich!  Cultivate the habits of the poor, and be poor.  The choice is yours.

To your riches!


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You Don’t Have To Be A Celebrity Like Farrah Fawcett Or Michael Jackson To Make A Difference

If you’re reading this right now, then congratulations.  You’ve been given another day.  The question is, what will you do with it?

Not everyone has made it to this day.  Most notably, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, who both died yesterday.  But, they are only two of many who died yesterday.  We know about Farrah’s and Micheal’s deaths because they lived such public lives.  But, there are many people, worldwide, who died yesterday whose names we do not know.  I wonder what kind of legacy each of them left behind.

As an author you have the opportunity to help others by bringing them information they need.  Being an author gives you a kind of star status.  It’s a well known fact that the general public views authors as celebrities.  What will you do with that celebrity status?  Will you use it to help others?

If you’re reading this and you haven’t started your booklet yet, if you’ve continually put it off, now is the time to write it.

If your booklet is finished and it’s sitting, it’s time to get busy and get it into the hands of those who need it.

Time is the one asset we can’t control.  You don’t have all the time in the world.  The only time you have, and the only time you will ever have, is right now.  Farrah Fawcett knew her time was short.  She created a film to help others with cancer, and to help those whose lives have never been touched by the disease to understand what cancer does to a person.   She allowed the cameras to capture some very difficult moments – moments that anyone else probably would not have wanted on film.  It was a very courageous thing to do.  Her final legacy isn’t the tv shows or films she made, and it isn’t the posters that made her famous.  Farrah’s final legacy is one of a true desire to help others.

Micheal Jackson, however, died suddenly and as I understand it, unexpectedly.  He didn’t have any foreknowledge that the day he died would be his last day.  I wonder what he might have done differently if he had known.

The point is you need to make every moment count.  You don’t have to be a huge celebrity like Farrah or Micheal to make a difference.  As a booklet author, you can make a great difference in the life of someone else.   It doesn’t matter if the world doesn’t know who you are.  If only matters that your market knows, and that your booklet is helpful to them.

Today is here.  You’ve got right now.  How will YOU use this time?

To your riches!


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The Most Important Choice You’ll Ever Make

The average American is in debt, overweight, doesn’t get enough sleep and works too hard.   The average American spends their leisure time in mindless activities such as watching TV (up to 7 hours per day!), answering email and text messaging.  The average American is constantly broke and lives paycheck to paycheck.  The average American will die without a legacy.  The average American will never write a book or booklet.  If there is anything you don’t want to be, it’s an average American.

You Don’t Have To Be An American To Be Average

No matter which country you hail from, you can relate to the plight of the average person.  There is nothing special about the average person.  They go through life, living from one day to the next, never trying to better their existence.  All they know, and all they can see is the here and now.   And the here and now has so overwhelmed them that they can’t think beyond it.  It consumes them.  This is true for the vast majority – the average person.

Being Average Is A Choice

Everyday you have a choice to make whether you realize it or not – the choice to be average or the choice to rise above that status quo.  If you are not making the choice, it is being made for you and you will live an average life.  Only by consciously making the choice to strive for something better will you be able to avoid the fate of the average person.

Why Riches Don’t Flow To The Average Person

The average person can never attain true wealth.  Why?  Because true wealth does not flow to the average.  It flows to those who want something more, who are willing to sacrifice their average lifestyle for something better.  The masses of society are not willing to do anything more than they are currently doing.  If they were, we would live in a very different world.  But, the fact is the majority are comfortable living their average lifestyle.  They don’t want to change it.  They may dream about it and wish they could, but they really don’t want to or they would.  Since the average person is not willing to strive for more, they will never have more.  They will have what they’ve always had – an average existence.

Booklets And The Status Quo Don’t Mix

When you step out and create a booklet, you’re rising above the status quo because most people will never write anything.  Most people will say they want to write a booklet or book or article, but they’ll make every excuse they can for not getting it done.  They just can’t find the time to do it because they’re too busy.

If writing a booklet, reaping the riches from it, and having a better lifestyle is something you truly desire to do, you must make the choice to rise above your average lifestyle and do what needs to be done to have something more than you have.  You must be willing to see your project through to the end, and if a problem arises you must be willing to meet it head on rather than making excuses and quitting.  You know the old saying – quitters never win, and winners never quit.  It’s true.  The only difference between the average person and the quitter is that the average person never starts, so they have nothing to quit.

In order to be a successful booklet author you must be willing to give up the status quo.  An author’s success and the status quo never mix.  In fact, the status quo will never mix with excellence in any endeavor.

You have a choice before you now.  The only question is will you choose to remain average or will you step out of the status quo?

To your riches!


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Are Your Chances For Sales Over Before You Begin?

Are you worried that people won’t buy your booklet because they’re pinching pennies or they don’t have the money?  While this may be true for a very small portion of the population, and it might even be congruent with your own situation, you need to get out of that way of thinking or your chance for sales is over before you even begin.

Every Market Is A Mixed Bag

Every market presents a mixed bag of opportunity for you.  There will always be some within your market who can’t or won’t buy from you.  That’s a fact.  Sometimes the issue is money, in which case these people may buy from you at a later time when they can afford to.  Other times, the issue is a matter of priority – as in your booklet just doesn’t meet their needs right now – or it may be a matter of superiority – such as when your contact at a particular business is interested, but their boss is not.  Since you have no control over these situations, it’s best to move on.

Why Those Who Can’t Buy Often Buy Anyway

But, sometimes those who really can’t afford to buy from you do.  Have you ever looked at how the general population spends their money?  For example, in the U.S. the entire population spends more than 600 million dollars every year on fireworks.  Fireworks!  Talk about a frivolous expense!  These people are probably spending a minimum of about $200.00 each, and a vast majority of them will spend even more.  Why spend that kind of money when you could take the family to the local city’s or town’s display for free and see much bigger and better fireworks?  These people may as well light a couple of hundred dollar bills on fire.  But, there is a reason they do it.  It’s called the fun factor.  They buy the fireworks because they’re fun.  They make the children happy, and it gives the parents a sense of pride to be able to buy them and provide a little fun for the kids.

The same can be said for other things that people spend money on, which are of no lasting value.  Things like rides at the fair, candy (which is a thrill for the moment but does more harm than good and has no lasting nutritional value), and the pet rock (remember those?).  The truth is, people spend money on things of the moment, as well as things they don’t really need (Oprah’s 400+ pairs of shoes for example – does she really need another pair?  She only has two feet!).  People will spend money on impulse, especially if they’re buying for their children, grandchildren or if they’re on vacation.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned with those who don’t appear to have the money to buy from you.  They’re buying plenty of other things they don’t need, so who is to say they won’t buy from you?  What you have to offer them is something of great value to them.  And if they don’t buy today, they may just buy tomorrow.

The Other Side Of The Scale

On the opposite side of the scale are those who have real wealth.  These are the people who make impulse purchases in the thousands of dollars and think nothing of it.  They have the best of everything, and can afford to buy what they want on a whim.  These people are not the majority.  They are a very tiny minority.  But, they’re sprinkled throughout every market.  They may be corporate presidents,  inheritants of a fortune, entrepreneurs who made it big, or they may be the spouse who married into the money.  These people are out there, and they need your booklet too.  Money doesn’t make them impervious to problems.

Those Between The Extremes

Between the haves and the have nots is the majority.  These are the have somes.  They make up the largest share of every market.  These people will make up the largest portion of your customer base.  They’re not rich, but they have money to spend.  They may spend wisely or they may spend foolishly, but spend they do.

The truth is that you shouldn’t be concerned with people not buying from you because you don’t know what you don’t know.  And what you don’t know is just who will buy and who won’t.  There are plenty of companies who stake their very existence on the foolish spending of consumers.  How much more do you have to offer your market than they do?  You’re not selling trinkets that have no lasting value.  You’re offering information to your market that people want or need.

It’s time to change your thinking and move forward boldly.  When you do, you’ll make sales to the haves, the have nots and the have somes.  You won’t make sales to everyone, but when you offer your booklet to everyone you’ll make sales across the board – and the riches will flow!

To your riches!


PS: My elusive coder finally got back in touch with me and we have resumed work on the website again.  Yea!  My product, which will help you easily write and produce a booklet of your own will be available very soon!  In the meantime, I am putting together a subscription newsletter and I would like to hear from you!  Send me your questions, problems, concerns and comments regarding booklet publishing and marketing, and I’ll include them in the newsletter!  There’s lot’s of good things coming your way so stay tuned….

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How The Interent Can Steal Your Riches And What You Can Do About It

I’ve done it and so have you.  It’s hard not to.  The temptation is just too great.  I’m talking about using your computer to procrastinate instead of getting your writing or other work done.

We live in a technological world today.  Distractions are everywhere.  First, there was the TV, the radio and the telephone.  But now, we’re completely “wired.”  We’ve got blackberries, cell phones, and the internet.  And, even if you unplug the phone, and turn off the tv, radio, cell phone and blackberry, as an author you very likely won’t escape the clutches of the  internet.

Where Did That Hour And A Half Go?

It begins innocently enough.  You sit down at your scheduled writing time (you are scheduling your writing time – aren’t you?) and decide that before you start writing you’ll take a quick look at your email.  Next thing you know you’re answering email instead of writing.  Then, you click on a link that you received in an email and now you’re on the internet.  One link leads to another and then another.  Now you’re reading articles that interest you, or browsing websites.  And then, suddenly, you remember that you’re supposed to be writing.  You look at the clock.  How could an hour and half go by so quickly?  It seems you just sat down to write, and now your writing time is nearly over and you haven’t written a single word!

When this scenario repeats itself day after day, your plans and ideas for your booklet stop cold.  You’re not moving forward toward your goals.

But Wait!  It Gets Worse!

It’s bad enough when your time is sucked away by the internet at the start of your booklet’s creation, before you’ve written anything.  This keeps your project from ever getting started.  But, it’s almost worse when it happens and you’re in the middle of your booklet’s creation.  You’ve got your manuscript partially done.  And up until now the momentum on your project, and your excitement for completing it, has been absolutely stellar.  You’ve been feeling good about your booklet and happy with the progress you’ve been making.  And then, all of a sudden, it happens.  You get sucked into the internet and start losing time, and your work on your booklet stalls.

Why is this worse than not starting your booklet in the first place?  Because the momentum you’ve had up until this point has been interrupted, and once that happens it’s difficult to get it back.  It’s like being in a deep conversation with someone and having someone else interrupt you.  It’s difficult to get back on track in the conversation once you’ve been interrupted.  Writing your booklet is the same way.

As you create your booklet, you build momentum.  You begin to see your dream unfolding before your eyes, and your imagination suddenly brings all kinds of good things to your mind – things that will happen for you as a result of having your booklet finished and on the market.  The things that come to your imagination excite you and they become your goals.  But, all of this is wiped away when your writing time is interrupted.  When you do get back on track, you will have to begin building up the momentum all over again.  And, if you haven’t written anything in over a week, you’ll be hard pressed to get your momentum back at all.

How To Control The Beast

As an author, you need your computer.  There’s really no getting around it.  You need a good word processor for writing, and you need the internet for research and marketing purposes.  So, how can you control your time so that you don’t squander it away?  Set a goal and stick to it.  Determine that you will write a specific number of words or pages before you even look at anything else, and allow what you write to be imperfect.

Writing perfectly isn’t the goal.  Writing is the goal.  You can go back over what you’ve written after it’s done and make changes, but if you don’t get the writing done you’ll have nothing to change.

You must make your writing your first priority.  If you do, you’ll always get it done.  This means that under no circumstances will you put anything else, other than a dire emergency, above your writing.  You will get your writing done first.

The only way to control the beast of the internet is simply not to give into it.  If you need to, disconnect your internet connection so that you won’t even be tempted to get online until your writing is done.  Or, if that won’t work for you, write your manuscript with a pencil and paper offline.  It may seem archaic, but it’s better to do that than not to finish your manuscript at all.

If you truly want the riches, you’ve got to get the writing done.  Make it your first priority, and you’ll soon have money coming in from your booklet’s sales!

To your riches!


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The Secret To Reaping Riches From The Question “What Do You Do?”

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will.  It might happen at the grocery store, or at the playground while you’re watching your children or grandchildren.  It can happen on the bus or subway, or while you’re shopping at the mall.  It might even happen while you’re traveling on vacation.  What is it?  It’s when someone asks you what you do for a living.  Do you know how to answer them?

A Simple Answer

As a booklet author you wear many hats.  You’re a writer and publisher, an advertiser and marketer, a salesman and negotiator.  You might even be an employer, a consultant or a public speaker.  How can you possibly express all of this to the person who asks you what you do?  And worse yet, you must express it in a way that is brief.

The truth is, nobody really cares about everything you do.  Most people are just curious and are looking for a simple, basic answer.

Start With The Basics

When you talk to people about what you do, you should start with the basics.  This means you answer their question with the root of what you do.  You are an author or a writer about a particular subject.  That is what your business is built upon.   You might say, “I’m a writer.  I write about using natural methods to relieve allergies.”  This gives a basic, overall kind of explanation while at the same time pinpointing your expertise.

The Next Step

Many people will be satisfied with your basic answer.  But, sometimes they will want more information.  It may be that they have allergies and are looking for help.  Or, they might be an allergy specialist who is interested in knowing more about your information.  If they ask for more specific information, you should give it to them.  But, do it one bite at a time.  You don’t want to overwhelm them.  For example, they might ask who you write for or what you write about allergies.  In this case you could answer, “I write booklets about natural allergy relief for doctors to give to their patients.”

Getting It Down Pat And Why It’s So Important

From the time you have your first booklet on the market, you need to know what to tell people when they ask you what you do.  You should put together an answer that is brief, but that tells people what you write about.  Why is this so important?  Because unless the person asking you has told you who they are and why they’re asking, you don’t know.

It’s easy to assume, during the course of friendly conversation while standing in line at the grocery store or chatting with the person next to you on the bus, that they are just curious.  And they may be.  But, they may be someone with the clout to make a large quantity purchase from you, or they may know someone who might be interested.  They could also be interested in purchasing a copy for themselves, and if they do they may make future purchases from you down the road and refer you to their friends and family.

Some professionals create what’s called an elevator speech, and they develop different versions of it to fit different situations.  But, you’ll never be able to create a speech to fit every situation because you can never know ahead of time just where someone else is coming from or why they’re interested in what you write.

A better way to handle it is to start with the basics and build from there, giving only the information the person needs to know or might be truly interested in.  You don’t need to memorize an elevator speech, but you should know how to tell someone the basics of what you do, and you should be able to give them more information easily if they need it.  This may come naturally to you, or it may require some thought on your part and a little practice.  But, it’s of vital importance because you just never know who you’ll meet next time you go out to dinner or go on a cruise.

Give some serious thought to how you will respond the next time someone asks you what you do.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Your answer just might take you down the road to riches!

To your riches!


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