How To Make More Money With Less Effort

Have you ever become interested in something new, quickly learned all you could about it, perhaps even written about it, and then moved on to something else?  Maybe you just got tired of that new thing because it wasn’t so new anymore.  Or you might have pursued it so hard that you got burned out and you were no longer interested in it.  It might have been a new hobby, or even a new job.

This happens to all of us at one time or another, but when you become a booklet author you need to stay focused on your booklet’s topic or you’ll lose any status you have with your audience.

Choose Your Topic Carefully

Before you ever write your manuscript you need to choose your topic very carefully.  It should be something that you have a great deal of experience with or knowledge about, and it should be something that interests you.   You want to be sure that the topic will be interesting to you for a long time because once your booklets are on the market you’ll be known as an expert in that topic.  People will come to you for answers, and they’ll expect you to create more booklets and other materials that pertain to the same subject.

Stay In The Loop

Some authors think that once their booklet is on the market the research and education on their booklet’s topic is over.  But, not staying on top of the latest developments or continuing to educate yourself on your subject is a huge mistake.  If you put your booklet on the market and you cut all ties with your subject, you’ll eventually lose your edge and your credibility in the market place.   You must continually imerse yourself in your subject to keep it fresh in your mind.

Advancement Is The Key Than Unlocks The Treasure Chest

As you stay involved with your subject and constantly study it and stay informed, you will advance through the ranks to the top.  The more knowledge you gain, the more you have to write about.  This allows you to easily create new booklets to sell to your market, as well as other products that will interest them.

Many authors barely scratch the surface of what’s possible in the way of product sales because they’re out of the loop.  They write something, put it on the market, make a few dollars and move on to the next thing.  They don’t take the time to advance.  If they would just stay current with their subject, their job would be much easier and they would make more money with less effort.

How about you?  Will you get off to a running start only to fizzle out after a short time?  Or, will you advance in your knowledge and experience, create new booklets, and keep satisfying the hungry market you already have?

To your riches!


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