What To Consider When Making Large Quantity Booklet Deals

After your booklet is completed and you put it on the market, you’ll find yourself talking with a number of people and considering a variety of “deals.”  This may sound very exciting to you, and it is, but you need to look at every deal with a bit of skepticism and not get caught up in the excitement too much.  If you do, it could cost you big.

Look Out For #1

The first thing you need to realize is that a deal is only good when it is beneficial to you as well as to the company you are dealing with.   Most companies are quite good at making sure that a deal is good for them.  But, it’s not their job to make sure the deal is good for you.  That is your job.  You have to be the one to look out for your interests in every deal you enter into, because if you don’t, nobody else will do it for you.

What To Consider When Making A Deal

When you’re in the process of making a deal your first thought should be about the company you’re dealing with.  Why?  Because it’s easier to persuade them to sign on the dotted line when you are able to remind them of what they stand to gain.  If they aren’t going to be helped in some way by making a deal with you, why would they want to?  So, make sure you’re clear on the benefits the company will receive from the deal.

Next, consider the benefits you will receive.  Naturally, the main benefit will be money in your bank account, but there are other benefits to consider as well.  For example, will you receive any kind of publicity from the deal – such as being mentioned in the company’s newsletter?  Does the company have more than one location that would be interested in making a deal with you?  Will your booklets be going to employees or customers?  If they’re going to customers your booklets will be reaching a much larger market than if they’re going to employees.  These things are all considerations for you to take into account.

You need to be sure to make a profit, but sometimes a company will need you to come down on your price.  If you have the room to do it, and you stand to gain other benefits such as publicity or a wider market which receives your booklet and therefore discovers you, it just might be worth it.

If The Deal Isn’t Good For You Change It Or Walk Away

When you are in the midst of making a deal, nothing is set in stone until the paperwork is signed.  Many negotiations will be made back and forth until both sides are in agreement.  If the deal is not a good one for you, suggest something better.  Most of the time, the company will agree to your suggestion.  If they don’t, they’ll come back with a suggestion of their own, and then you have the opportunity to agree or make another suggestion.

If a company refuses to listen to your suggestions and won’t negotiate, thank them for their time and walk away – unless the deal is good for you as is.  If you don’t do this you’ll kick yourself later because it can cost you big in the way of money, and even the rights to your own work.

Look out for yourself and your interests, make sure your deals are fair to both sides, and you’ll make some very good money.

To your riches,


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